Happy 16th Birthday, Justin Bieber!

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That cheering you hear across the nation, THG readers? It might sound like the welcoming of March, as snowbound citizens celebrate the impending arrival of spring, but it's actually something more.

It's the thousands and thousands of birthday wishes being screamed, Tweeted and texted to Justin Bieber. The singer turns 16 today.

Already a global sensation, Bieber can now drive himself to concerts, or to first dates with very luck female fans (just not with Miley Cyrus). The Canadian pop singer already received a wonderful gift last night, as his native country captured the ice hockey gold medal.

Young Ladies Man

We encourage Bieber supporters to send in your birthday wishes right now. After all, is there anything someone would rather hear on his/her big day than the following, which a reader posted on our site last month?

omg! justin bieber u r so totally hot , hehehe if i didnt have a bf already i date u... ur hair is really hot :)

In less important celebrity birthday news: Ke$ha turns 23 today and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (yes, Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell) turns 36.

Sorry, guys, but you're overshadowed by the biggest 16th birthday of 2010.

The Biebs
Guitar Hero
Just Jump Around!
The Adoring Public

To-Do List: Wish Justin Bieber a happy birthday and drool over the photos above of him.


Shanta Hardrick Burrell - Hey Melissa,Don't know if you remember us but Iliya and my datuhger Morgan were good friends at the CDRC at UA. I was just looking at your site and can't believe how much Iliya has grown. We will keep you and your family in our prayers and keep us posted about your new addition.Shanta Burrell




fyi justin is 17 and happy b-day justi my love!!!


i like your song one time i love u jb


i like your song one time


plz msg me jb plzzzzzzzzzz


your sister is sooooooooooooo sweet


hi jb you are soooo smart i like your smile


hi jb you are soooo smart i like your hairstyle


love you JUSTINE :)

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