Hair-Raising Showdown: Rihanna vs. Justin Bieber

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Rihanna and Justin Bieber have a few things in common:

  • They are both successful musicians with legions of loyal fans
  • Their hairstyles both resemble those of a prepubescent male

Of course, one of the two actually is a prepubescent male ... well, probably. From the Justin Bieber pictures we've seen, he looks like he's 16 going on 9.

Seriously, though, check out this hair-raising comparison. Rihanna might want to rethink the fiery new look she's going for, given who it resembles.

Who looks better with this hairstyle? Vote below ...

  • Inauguration Dress
  • Photo of Justin Bieber

Whose nine-year-old boy haircut is more awesome?


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hey justin bieber neme is angie


hey justin bieber neme si angie


Bieber needs to stop...he really does look like eye candy for a pedophile...he needs to go away and grow up, then come back after puberty hits, and lets see if he can still sing.


Justin's got a luvly hair cut coz it suits his white teeth but Rihana is like old to have hair like that...she needs a red and black


justin looks like a lesbian -- specifically that lesbian dani on tila's show LMGTFY


\justin is so hot that haircut is sexy and rihannna is such a nice person but that haircut is so ott luv u justin


justin beiber is so freaken hot iove the hair style,but rihanna looks ugly


I love justin bieber!!!!!!!
Rihanna's is way to crazy! That haircut is for boys only! Justin bieber makes it look good.


both suck


Personally, Rihanna's style is a little too crazy for me- her clothes, her hair, even, sometimes, her makeup. Although I DEFINITELY can admire her for never being afraid to take risks, it's kind of disappointing that someone who has personal stylists at her fingertips would choose a bleached (almost big bird-esque) mushroom cut. And, let's get real here. I feel like a super popular singer like Rihanna should have the opportunity to get incredibly expensive hair extensions (and then bash them in a magazine, take them out, and put them in again, or whatever) before someone like Kate Gosselin. Somehow, though, it seems to have worked backwards.