Hail Michelle McGee: The Nazi Photo Shoot

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Not only is Michelle McGee, Jesse James' mistress, a rumored amateur porn star, tattoo model and stripper, she once posed for photos in Nazi paraphernalia.

Yeah. Real normal.

The woman who allegedly had a sordid tryst with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James supports "white power" and gave the Nazi salute in a photo shoot taken at her home in the San Diego area, according to court papers revealed Friday.

The photos were mentioned as part of the ugly divorce from and custody battle with ex-husband Ronald Shane Modica, who says she's a bipolar drug user.

Jesse James' mistress Michelle McGee: A topless, trashy Nazi.

In custody documents filed in January, Michelle's ex says she "makes the Nazi salute," and has a swastika tattooed on her stomach (not seen in the pics below).

She also has initials “w” and “p,” which he says stands for white power, on the back of her legs. Wow. No wonder they call her Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

Taken about a year ago, the Nazi-themed layout, complete with swastika armband and backdrop, was the photographer's idea, but Michelle was enthusiastic.

McGee says she carried on an 11-month affair with Jesse James, who issued a vague apology to Bullock Thursday. Bullock moved out already, reports say.

Follow the jump for disturbing Nazi pics of the alleged Jesse James mistress ...

Michelle McGee Nazi Pic
Michelle McGee Nazi Picture

Wow, Michelle McGee. That is classy stuff. Nazis are totally back in these days. Your two kids must be extremely proud of you at school. [Photos: TMZ]


He and cartoon ink mom and Tiger would make a great tag team........and eventually, Tiger would end up with Jesse, which is what they prob need to begin with to "fix" themselves up. Good for Sandra, she did what Elin should have done. Sandra will go on to lead a great life and Elin will live with the absolute certainty that Tiger is texting on his new phone forevermore


It boggles the mind to remember seeing Jughead sitting at the Oscars and The Golden Globes beaming while Sandra praised him to the highest.To see celebrities look over at the table during The GG Awards,while she was up on stage giving him full credit for her accomplishments.This man must truly have straw for brains to allow himself to even be tempted by this cartoon character that he brought into their lives.To have this kind of scandal and sensationalism so soon after Sandra's win is an absolute disgrace,brought on by a man who was so dumb that he did not have sense enough to be thankful for what he had, and ignore anybody that might threaten the security of his life with Sandra.


When are the reporters for these stories going to do actual research and find out that this pig is from Ohio and not Amish?


OMG I just read the other comments. Shes's such a wanna be kiss a$$ fake who helps take the pride out of white pride. She's just a blow up doll for them. Pathetic.


Jesse James is a fool. She knew he was married, its just as much her fault as his. He shouldn't have even wandered away from skankville in the first place. Just another example of a tatted man who can't be monogamous (you know who you are)


Jesse James in bed with the Nazis is EXACTLY what's wrong with the global scene. The bank robbers are the Nazis who control the world. It's like a gigantic rose and every leading nation is a leaf of that rose controlled by the invisible Freemason party. That's why everyone is hurting today.


This mirrors the political scene. The banks today are the robbers who are in bed with the Nazi's just like they were in 1945. They want to make another world war, they love killing and use communism to destroy families. They are whores who love the letters "w" and "p" as they stand for war and penis. Their favorite monument looks a lot like that knife the tattoo model is licking, it's the obelisk which stands for penis and sun worship. [no offense to the model by the whore comment]


I think it's really sad that Jesse would be so unfaithful..I really hoped that they would work out. As for this one..she's really different looking,she really pulls off the tats though got to give that to her..but the forehead is a bit much...I mean come on..lmao, I feel for her also because word is she didn't know he was still married,he told her he was leaving sandra..men can be so disapointing..


dude i see this girl at hustler westminster every tuesday....and shes even admitted to me that "wp" stands for white PRIDE, because she believe no race is more powerful than another haha. stupid girllllll.


The hosebag wears that same old nasty bra in many different photo shoots. P-U!

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