Hail Michelle McGee: The Nazi Photo Shoot

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Not only is Michelle McGee, Jesse James' mistress, a rumored amateur porn star, tattoo model and stripper, she once posed for photos in Nazi paraphernalia.

Yeah. Real normal.

The woman who allegedly had a sordid tryst with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James supports "white power" and gave the Nazi salute in a photo shoot taken at her home in the San Diego area, according to court papers revealed Friday.

The photos were mentioned as part of the ugly divorce from and custody battle with ex-husband Ronald Shane Modica, who says she's a bipolar drug user.

Jesse James' mistress Michelle McGee: A topless, trashy Nazi.

In custody documents filed in January, Michelle's ex says she "makes the Nazi salute," and has a swastika tattooed on her stomach (not seen in the pics below).

She also has initials “w” and “p,” which he says stands for white power, on the back of her legs. Wow. No wonder they call her Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

Taken about a year ago, the Nazi-themed layout, complete with swastika armband and backdrop, was the photographer's idea, but Michelle was enthusiastic.

McGee says she carried on an 11-month affair with Jesse James, who issued a vague apology to Bullock Thursday. Bullock moved out already, reports say.

Follow the jump for disturbing Nazi pics of the alleged Jesse James mistress ...

Michelle McGee Nazi Pic
Michelle McGee Nazi Picture

Wow, Michelle McGee. That is classy stuff. Nazis are totally back in these days. Your two kids must be extremely proud of you at school. [Photos: TMZ]


what a sleezy scummy diseased slam pig whore. nothing on that body is real shes so insecure with herself she has to draw every feature that she defines as perfect in order to make her feel better about herself. Someone at that age you think would know who they are, this woman..no excuse me, this SLUT is lost. get a real job and get some morals under your belt-oh wait you dont wear one, probably why every guy gets in your pants. hey boys, I'd get checked if I were you, it looks like those dirty needles arent the only things that have poked michelle mcnasty.


Michelle is hot! What does Sandra Bullock expect after making such a terrible politically correct movie. Jesse James did what any self respecting biker would do, he cheated own her with a sexy nazis girl. Go Jesse, teach all those hollywood liberals a lesson.


I would do her hard.


yea she is NOT a nazi. the photographer robert alvarado shoots models in old uniform parts all the time. michelle bombshell is like the 8th to do it. check his modelmayhem page.


Didn't Mel Brookes do all this crap back in the sixties? Low rent SPRING TIME FOR HITLER.


Yes, Jesse James's former wife was a porn star named Janine Lindemulder. She's pretty slutty, of course, but not as slutty as this broad is. She's also far more beautiful than this woman is. And Dancing With Illuminati, whatever you're on must be pretty good stuff. I'll take some, please.What is it?


Yoder, what does being from Ohio have to do with being Amish? Ohio is loaded with Amish people. So is Indiana. Get your facts straight, son.


This scandal has it all: porn stars, witchcraft, white supremacists, oh my! I'm luvvin it! Bullock needs to make a statement soon denouncing James, the Aryan Brotherhood, and witchcraft. Seriously. What was she doing wallowing with these pigs? Who is Bullock really?!


He's ex-wife was also a porn star...right?


Unclean beast. *vomits*

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