Finally: Katherine Heigl to Leave Grey's Anatomy

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Having become the perpetual subject of rumors for her unhappiness on the set, Katherine Heigl is finally leaving Grey's Anatomy after five seasons and change.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes has agreed to release the actress from her deal.

The question is why now, after she's been disgruntled with the series for over two years, but after she unexpectedly came back at the start of the current year?

Because after taking more than half the current season off to make another movie and hang with her adopted daughter, Heigl was scheduled to return March 1.

She did not show.

Katherine Heigl's tenure on Grey's Anatomy has climaxed.

A Heigl source claims that Katherine “was at home and ready to return to work.” Another insider, however, “insists that it’s much more complicated than that.”

Whatever happened, Heigl and ABC mutually decided that the best solution would be to part ways now, rather than waiting for the end of the current season.

Therefore, you've officially seen the last of Dr. Izzie Stevens. Clearly, no love is lost on either side as this ridiculous behind-the-scenes saga finally fades to black.

It's hard to imagine it being managed worse by either side, but it's over now. Will Heigl's career continue to take off? Or is she only hurting it by bolting Grey's?


I understand that many people are upset with Heigl as a person, however I feel that Izzie's departure is a huge loss for this show.. Out of the five original interns who started off, two are now gone! Izzie's character was fresh, honest, deep, strong, intensely lovable and brought up a lot of issues that are extremely pertinent in the everyday life of a clinician. Katherine Heigl did a wonderful job portraying her and is a very gifted actress. I specifically remember a scene at the bank from season three when she had to deposit her inheritance cheque - she brilliantly showcased a variety of emotions flawlessly. So while you all gossip about her personal choices - I will mourn the loss of a character I loved to see every week, and wish Ms.Heigl the best.


I agree with thinking optimistic. She adopted a special needs child. If you work in a regular job, you can take up to ONE YEAR maternity leave. Just because she's an actress doesn't mean she's entitled to less. Maybe she thought she could return to work when they first negotiated but after having time with her daughter realizes that's not feasible. Or her priorities changed. WHY CAN'T PPL CONSIDER THAT? Actresses/Actors have families and just like regular Moms and Dads, take stock of their lives after kids come and sometimes have to make changes. Maybe she needs/wants time with her daughter. I will personally really REALLY miss Izzie and wish there was better closure for her marriage to Alex. But until Heigel or Rimes comes forth with an actual reason, anything else is PURE SPECULATION and we shouldn't be so quick to judge.


Her Child is ill.. she addopted a special needs baby.. did anyone think that maybe she just needed to be with her...Cause i really dont think they would let her out of her contract...there has to be a good reason...Why dose everyone have to make some huge mumbo jumbo story out of it..


I'm not unhappy that she is leaving. Just like Hellion said, hopefully her karma hits as Greys gave her her start, She definitely went diva very quickly for somebody who has a horses mouth and didn't act much before the series.
I hope this shows all of the movie makers what a mess this woman can be.


She still has her cheesy (unbelievably unrealistic) romantic comedies that she can make but karma may come back to haunt her in the end. Karma commonly hits people when they estrange the very people that gave them their start.

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