Fashion Face-Off: Kim Kardashian vs. Rachelle Lefevre

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You'll never believe this, but Kim Kardashian isn't the most original celebrity on the planet.

First, she followed in the naked footsteps of BFF Paris Hilton when she made a sex tape and became famous. Ever since taking it (hard) from Ray J, she's remained in the news by duplicating the trends of other talentless stars.

Recent case in point: Kim vs. J-Woww.

The large-breasted, unmarried, unknocked up Kardashian sister was also spotted out in the same outfit as Rachelle Lefevre. Compare the reality star and the former Twilight Saga actress below and then vote in our poll:

Kim vs. Rachelle Lefevre

Who is sexier in this dress?


kim kardashian has a yummy,sexy and truely erotic boobs.
her ass is truely sexy.
she is a sex bomb.


Atleast Rachelle has REAL talent. Oh, and too bad kim didn't keep her behind in Africa, she had the pick of the litter there...yum yum - in kimmie's eyes.


You guys are so quick to assume. Kim isn't copying anyone as she wore this in Africa almost 1 year ago. Rachelle Lefevre wore it recently so if anything she is copying. BUT at the same time no one is a copycat cause believe it or not, clothes can be worn more than one person. Dumb THG

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