Exes of Michelle McGee, Jesse James Seek Custody

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The former spouses of Michelle McGee and Jesse James are seeking custody of their kids following McGee's divulging of her affair with Sandra Bullock's husband.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, the alleged Jesse James mistress, is now locked in a custody battle with ex-husband Ronald Shane Modica. It's getting nasty, too.

Michelle McGee and an Elf

Modica is seeksing temporary and legal custody of Avery, their five-year-old son, filing a motion as a direct result of the sex scandal involving his ex and James.

Court documents shed alarming new light on Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Modica states that "I need protection" amid the swarm of celebrity gossip attention.

"If [Michelle McGee] sees Avery, she will bring these curosity seekers and glory hounds down on herself and Avery, totally confusing and frankly scaring him."

Jesse James' alleged mistress, Michelle McGee, is a real piece of work.

He also adds that Avery gets upset when it's time to go to his mother's house, declaring "He fights me violently, and screams, yells, cries and begs not to go."

We can see why, given all the Nazi paraphernalia.

Modica fears McGee may flee to Australia (where she reportedly has a boyfriend) and take Avery with her, and calls out her lifestyle of "stripping, pills, alcohol."

He says she has brought her X-rated "performances" into the home she shares with Avery, such as "pornographic shoots there and live WEB cam broadcasts."

Gross. But not as upsetting as accusations that Michelle dated gang members, and is mentally ill yet refuses to take prescribed medication for bipolar disorder.

In light of McGee's now-infamous Nazi photo shoot, Modica alleges that her home features "child block magnets on the refrigerator that spell out 'White Power.'"

James is currently undergoing a similar situation.

Maybe Michelle and Jesse James can commiserate, because his ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, is going to court to wrestle custody from Jesse at the same time.

The trigger was the Michelle McGee/Sandra Bullock meltdown.

Janine Lindemulder, who has clashed with James and Bullock in the past, has filed legal papers in their custody case involving six-year-old daughter, Sunny.

Currently, Jesse has full custody of Sunny. Why? Because Janine lives in a halfway house after being locked up for tax evasion, natch. Real normal situation.

Until this week he didn't stand a chance of gaining even partial custody, since Bullock was such a stabilizing family influence, any judge would shut her down.

Now, however, it's game on! According to sources, Janine now believes Sandra will divorce Jesse and she feels she has a shot at getting some custodial rights.

She did already move out, supposedly, though the paid has not officially split or acknowledged the affair aside from James' vague apology statement Thursday.


Don't believe every word Modica says.. he wants custody for Avery. And why give her such a hard time anyway? Sure, she ain't a real sweetheart, but Jesse was not set back by that, was he? The main responsability is with jesse. If she's bipolar, ill, whatever, she needs treatment, not a lover who leads a double life.
And guys. As for the Nazi - Stuff. There are Artists such as Jonathan Meese doing whole performances dressed up as a Nazi. Most Nazis you don't see a thing from the outside, it's inside the Brain. I guess she is just messing round with symbols. Modica saw a swastika on her tummy? Where? I have not seen a photo of it yet....It is probably not there.
So just concentrate on the "facts". They're tough enough.
Poor Sandra


Their is just no way in hell that Sandra can sleep with Jesse again after he's tapped this.
I mean, just when I thought Tiger lowered the bar to new depths, Jesse just crushed it !
She should have moved out.
"Bombshell McGee"?
How about "Herpes Queen".
You can't unring this bell dude !


Sandra knew what she was getting into when she snagged the much younger and married Jesse James. The adults in this case are ALL gigantic morons with huge egos. The kids should be given up for adoption.


Unfortunately, it is always the kids that suffer from adults who make lousy, selfish decisions. Now they will grow up and just repeat these patterns. Sad.


what a freak nasty ho

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