Ex-Wife of Casey James: Music is Singer's Life

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Kellie James has bad news for Kara DioGuardi:

No matter how much you fawn over Casey James, it won't go anywhere.

"Music is everything to Casey," said Kellie, the woman that was married to him from 2005 to 2008. "He just does what he loves to do, which is music, but he's never thought of himself as a heartthrob. Frankly, I think it embarrasses him."

So far, James has handled the inappropriate Kara crush very well each week on American Idol. It's a joke the show should really stop referring to over and over.

In her interview with The National Enquirer, Kellie also details the motorcycle accident that left Casey with a fractured left wrist and right femur. He was in a wheelchair for six months as a result of it.

"The doctors told us that they didn't know whether Casey would be able to use his hand again, much less play the guitar," said Kellie. "When he was finally able to play again, Casey felt he had a new lease on life."

It's a lease that has paid off very well through the early rounds of Idol. Casey is considered the male favorite on season nine.


I do appreciate that Casey is an excellent singer/musician. I do have to say though that I think he is also a real handsome guy. Who would'nt. Why is it inappropriate for someone to have a crush on him its completely understandable. And in honesty in my opinion has nothing to do with his ex. That sounds very jealous of her. As far as the celeb world, Casey is hot no doubt about it. He will have to deal with fans and crushes on a daily basis so he'd better get used to it. Men dont feel embarassed by an attractive women having a crush on them they feel flattered.


I noticed his talent before noticing his looks. He's got such a great voice and an equally great guitar player. Sure, it doesn't hurt that he's good looking (except his "loose flowing hair" kinda throws me..I like it better in a ponytail) but his talent will get him far. I loved it when he played the acoustic guitar when he sang "Jealous Guy"....awesome.


That he's been married has no bearing on his talent or how far he can and will go. For his ex, his music career was too much for her to handle.


She's an EX so we can all breathe now :p


huhuuhuh..so sad u hve alrdy a wife..


Wow! Didn't see that coming!


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