Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Maybe Dating!

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Holy freaking hotness. That's all we can say about the rumor that Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, partners on the new season of Dancing with the Stars, are partnering off the dance floor as well. Maks even said it might be on!

Chmerkovskiy says that he and the ESPN sportscaster are "maybe" dating. That's a lot closer to dating than "no," right? He also lavished praise upon his partner.

"She doesn't hold back. She's open, and what you see is what there is," Chmerkovskiy told People magazine. "Everybody who meets her falls in love with her."

Himself included? Sounds like it!

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy work it.

Chmerkovskiy, who was engaged to fellow Dancing with the Stars cast member Karina Smirnoff for a time, credited himself for pushing Andrews during their first dance together last Monday, which ranked among the season premiere's best.

"I made her do a cha-cha that I would make a professional dancer do," he said, and it paid off, as Erin Andrews isn't shy about gushing about him either.

"When Kentucky was upset, [Maks] texted me about it," the ESPN reporter said of having to miss some of the NCAA tournament for DWTS rehearsal. "Maks was like, 'You are the only person I know that cares about this.' He's been adorable."

Who are you rooting for on Dancing with the Stars? Erin and Maks? We can understand that, but there are other good candidates too. Vote below ...


I thought that Maks and Erin's freestyle dance was great. I haven't watched all season but my mom did and a few weeks ago she said you have to watch these two they are great. we have watched in past seasons and we love Maks he is so hot. It wasn't trashy at all it was beautiful and loving these two are HOT HOT HOT together and I hope they last a long time. Go Maks for getting someone who actually loves you for you and who doesn't care about the spotlight. I'm really pissed that Maks hasn't won in all these years he is such a great dancer what is wrong with these people.


They are adorable together and they did a fantasic job throughout the season...Erin looked like a true profession at the end!!! I hope the dating rumor is true...they seem perfect for each other!
Max deserves it after all of the crap he went through! Good luck to both of them!


Trashy my foot! Most of that dance was ballet, modern ballet, and it was simply beautiful and well danced. This kind of dance attempts to tell the story of the music, and they did a wonderful job with it. If they wanted it to be trashy he would have actually touched her when he laid over her on the bed, he stayed way above her. It is about illusion, like magic, and Maks, considering this is not his specialty, did a marvelous job working with Mandy to choreograph it. I hope we see more dances like this in the future


Maks and Erin's freestyle was such a pleasure to watch. It is about time lyrical/contemporary style was done on the show. It tells a story. Pooh to those who say it was trampy--those that say something like that do not know much about dance. I am hoping they win--the other two dancers are good but they should be, they have a lot more dance background than Erin does. She and Maks together are very sexy without even trying to be. The seem to be strong personalities and I just hope they win.

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