Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart Reveal Baby Name

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Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart, who welcomed their first child last week, spent a bit of time getting to know their daughter before revealing her name.

Now they picked one: Billie Beatrice Dane. Cute!

Gabriel Aubry and Nahla

The Grey's Anatomy star and his actress wife previously said they wanted to "wait to see [the baby]" before picking a name. Gotta get it right, after all.

"You want to make sure that the name sticks."

What do you think of Eric and Rebecca's baby name?

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Congrats on your beautiful daughter
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sorry but that is an ugly name i would be embarrased if i had that name (boy name) atleast something more girly atleast is all i'm saying i would be an ashmamed parent to.........:-(


Are you guys kidding?? What an adorable name! I've always loved the idea of boy Names for girls and Billie is one of my favourites. I think it's simply adorable! Not outrageous and won't turn heads. Just a lovely name!


what an ugly name for a baby girl r those people out of their mind or something best advise CHANGE BABY'S NAME. PLEASE FOR HER OWN SAKE.


i agree it is a very ugly name for a baby girl...


Ugliest name I ever heard.