Emilie de Ravin on Robert Pattinson: He's a Lovely Guy

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As Robert Pattinson continues to make the media rounds, his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin is praising the actor at every turn.

Asked in general about the Twilight Saga stud, the Austrlian beauty told E! News:

"He's a lovely guy. Nothing felt unnatural or weird."

Except, perhaps, the atmosphere around the set. The movie was filmed in New York City and Pattinson fans would line the streets, trying to get a look at their favorite star, snapping photos, screaming.

"Crazy is the word," de Ravin said. "It's a little challenging sometimes. We were very accessible to people in Manhattan... You're trying to work out your rehearsal and all these eyes just watching everything you're doing."

Posing with Fans

In Remember Me, Pattinson portrays the rebellious son of a wealthy New Yorker. He falls in love with de Ravin's Ally, the daughter of a Queens cop. It takes place in late 2001, so you can imagine the recent tragedy everyone in that city is facing.

According to de Ravin said, you better bring a box of tissues with you to the theater: "If you don't cry, there's something wrong with you."

And we don't think she's referring to the reaction many women have when they simply see Pattinson.

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This post talks about Emilie de Raven and not for kristen whoever... twilight saga is good but it doesn't make sense.. Better watch this movie(Remember me) then you surely treasure every moment of your life.. Stop trowing bad comments about Emilie de Raven...


you people are terrifying.


Is it really necessary to scream about rob and kristen's relationship on this post? I don't think so. The movie itself was really good, I loved it so much, and I did cry...a lot! One of the best movies I've seen in such a long movie, rather than watching these new movies like the bounty hunter...ehhhhhh. Anyway, sure Robert is dating Kristen but calm down; Emilie is commenting on how they worked together in the movie. These comments are bound to come up because people want to know if they really did have the natural chemistry that they had on-screen. People don't like each other at all, but the fact that Emilie thought of Robert is a good way makes me appreciate the two more as actors.


robert and kristen are the perfect couple and if anyone tries to brack them up im going to breack there neck!!!!!!!!!


sorry for being harsh but we care more for robert and kristen!!!




Just saying.... robert and kristen are the best couples in the worlddddd!!!!!!.
soooo cute.... and their both the perfect match i seriously hope they get married!!!!
and if they do they should invite meee.
coz i'll be the worlds happiest fan like how i am now
if anyone can like the owner of this website tell robert that he should hold on to kristen for the ret of his life and that they should get married please!!!!!
thank you :)
byeeee!!! XxX