Elin Woods Wears a Chastity Belt Make of Spikes

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We're serious, or at least People is in a new article about Tiger Woods' wife and her dilemma over whether to support his return to golf at the Masters.

Elin Woods is reportedly "not happy" in her marriage and not inclined to support his comeback – or present a unified front – when he returns April 8.

A close source says Elin is focused only on the children, not Tiger or his career.

"Elin is going through the motions to keep the children well grounded," the source says. "She suffered through the pain of her parents divorcing and doesn't want to do that to her kids. But she is not happy in the marriage. The trust is gone."

The trust is gone ... and the chastity belt is so on!

By day, she may play the role of wife, but she often sleeps elsewhere. Not surprising, the source says, since "she wears a chastity belt made of spikes. They are not living together as a couple. They are putting on a charade for the children."

Is that metaphorical or literal? Who the heck knows!

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The source does not believe Elin Woods will attend next month's Masters, where Woods will make his comeback after four months off following his sex scandal.

"Elin wants to stay away and not get involved in the frenzy of the Masters. By not going, she sends a signal that she is staying with Tiger only for the children."

The source says that Elin did contact top California divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope but did not hire him, and is now dealing with lawyers closer to home in Florida.

"If he falls even slightly one more time," the source close to Elin Woods says, "She could still file for divorce despite her interest in holding the family together."

Things looked to be going well for the pair, who were spending time together and were even spotted being affectionate at certain points. So why the step back?

We have a hunch the Tiger Woods text messages to Joslyn James - asking about golden showers, talking about choking her and whatnot - didn't help the cause.


I've done it both ways: left my first chronic cheater and raised my kids. Married another one: stayed for the kid. Kids all grew up and and kids by the first one angry I left, kid by the second one, angry I stayed. It's a catch 22 situation. Better off to NOT marry these cheaters to begin with, and especially have children by them. Of course, they are very devious and we got fooled. I say, Elin walk....save yourself, your kids will grow up, leave and then what.....?


Enough about Tiger and Elin!It's hard and Painful enough trying to deal with this tragedy in private and sift through what' real what's fiction,your feelings,etc. without the world intruding and disecting your most intimate life's losses.Being a celebrity does not mean that the public and media has a right to priveleged medical or intimate events between husband and wife.This media intrusion has gotten way out of hand.Their children are being stalked and frightened, hear shock speculation on tv and innocent family members traumetized.They do not owe us every shred of their lives.Every human being has a right to live their life without being hounded and persecuted. It's time to just let them be....


Why are americans so noisy Tiger & Elin should be the only people concerned about what is happening to them, at the end of the day they will have to solve this situation themselves, it no ones business, how many of u haven't had an affair who care!!!!!!!If they want to be with one another that there business leave these people alone and let them live there life ...... be deal


he choses her. bad typist indeed. checking stuff after clicking submit buttons. WHew!


Sorry, i type wrong at the end part. I should be saying these: They will just say, Thanks Dad and Thanks Mom for not letting our family be broken and for keeping it intact in the middle of the controversy in the past. We are proud of you and we love you. Its nice to be chosen the second time around. The kids will know this that is not just when the butterflies in Tiger stomach when seeing Elin that she chooses her but again when it was also when the time when he got his wake up call to sort what matters him the most. I knew that, and I am proud of my parents decision why they keep us. I do not know if any of these will reach Tiger's family but just in trying that if there are people who will read this and have same problem they will think of other solution than divorce. God works and He is a God who supports families and people who wants to be changed. God bless their family


After reading these e-news as well as the diverse comments, I spotted many contradictions and things difficult to comprehend... Hence, I arrive at my conclusion regarding my view on WOODS marriage... Before the sex scandal (ie Nov 2009), Tiger and Elin have a complex marriage... After the sex scandal and Tiger's rehab, the couple is continuing on their marriage and even more complex than pre-sex scandal... In short, the WOODS marriage is one for too complex for us (layman) to understand, so leave them alone because only they know their constraints and requirements..I wish them strength, wisdom and peace in their matrimonial journey ln life.


Didn't catch your point.. If Elin felt Tiger so bad and no point let Tiger rule the marriage, nor OMG, then why stay in the marriage when it is a PR marriage ???? I don't buy in with the idea of "for the kids", because what good is it for the kids if the couple is seen in front of kids having separate bedrooms and non-unified...


I take my hat to Elin Nordegren, a decent, moral and graceful woman. Elin Nordegren seems to have her priorities right. Her children need her most and she is the one who has been there for them all along. Keep strong, Elin, you are a winner!


if your spouse had sex with with 16 women during your five years of marrige, would you without second thoughts just say "That's Ok dear" let's carry on with our life togehter as it always have been"?
If you would do so, you would just be a flat door mat to me. There is no reason what so ever to let Tiger rule the marrige, for him and IMG (his agent), it's all about his image. Elin and the kids isn't worth much in his multibillion dollar corporation. As long as it seems that Elin is his wife, he can rebuild image and start getting endorsments again. Sorry, but Tiger is getting stripped of the woods-work.


To Laverna: Don't you worry ! The sex rehab should have completed the necessary serios of sex-related tests for Tiger before starting their treatment... You sounded as if Tiger is having a hooker every night.. If his vulnerability is that high, Elin will already get some sex diseases from her in the 5 years .. I don't think this e-news o "chastity belt with spikes" for Elin is saying she is afraid of catching sex diseases from Tiger.. The e-news seem to be conveying the message of the couple live a platonic life because Elin no longer has real love for Tiger and she only cares for the kids..

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