Elin Woods Nixes Tiger's Move-in Request Again

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Despite sticking by him and not filing for divorce (yet), Elin Woods has again rejected Tiger Woods' request to move back in together, according to reports.

Somehow we're not shocked.

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Even after a week away together as a family, the golfer's scorned wife is refusing to move in with him. She denied his similar move-in request last month.

Elin returned to Orlando, Fla., on Saturday. She, Tiger and their two children spent a week out of town following his big press conference on February 19.

“She’s not caving in and doing everything he wants,” a source said. “It looks like they will stay married, but what kind of marriage is this going to be?"

A fair question.

The cheater was tied to at least 14 other women during their marriage. The incredible scandal caused Elin Woods to move out and into a nearby rented house.

“Tiger is trying to win her back,” the source said. “He’s being as patient as he can because he knows he caused this. But he’s not a patient guy by nature.”

Tiger Woods was treated for six weeks at Gentle Path in Hattiesburg, Miss., with Elin supporting his rehab and even spending a week participating with him.

Elin and Tiger spent a lot of time together before and since he left to continue rehab in Arizona, but she is far from ready to take the star back for good.

"Elin has gained a lot of independence during the past few months," the source said. "Tiger has asked Elin to move back home, but she’s still saying no."

"It’s impossible to know if or when she will change her answer.”

Elin arrived in Florida Saturday. Tiger's return date is unclear.

What do you think Elin Woods should do?


tiger's got to free himself from being pussy whipped to death. sad day when a man has to be pussy whipped in front of millions just because he had a few hos on the side. sad day indeed!


if tiger was not caught....he would still be doing what he has been doing since he married elin, cheating...business as usual and life for elin would just be no different, she wouldnt know any better and tiger would just rake up more girls and more girls, why elin even has second thoughts about staying with this cheat is a puzzle.....he cheated on her with other woman cos he could, calling it an sex addition is just an excuse.


Tiger is scum.


Elin is a smart and cool woman.
Ivana Trump did the same and walked away from her loser husband with a wad of cash. Tiger should play golf with John Daly and share the ads for Hooters.
" I dated ALL the hooters waitresses and they are the BEST.
You can eat there too????"


I think Elin is smart to stay married to him for his kids sake. #1 if she divorced him he would be free to whore around with whores all over the planet. By staying married she holds his feet to the fire & forces him to try to become a better man for the sake of his kids. The kids deserve a father who seeks the help he needs. Tiger could very easily just walk away & play hard ball but he is taking the much more difficult road & trying to repair things. It will take the rest of his life but I think they can. When you get married you say for better or worse. Well this is the worse & Elin took the good now she is taking the bad & I admire her for it.


@Hellion: A mockery of the institution of marriage? The same institution that sees a 50% divorce rate? To refer to it as an "institution" is just some talking point conservatives use to shoot down gay marriage. Literally half the people that get married end up divorced... Tiger's actions suck on their own merit, but there's never any broad conclusions to draw about some "institution" based on individual choices and relationships.


Tiger Woods has mad a mockery of the institution of marriage. Why on earth would anyone stay with someone after being cheated on that often? Either Elin is really stupid or the money is just too good. I don't want to hear that they are staying together for the kids because that is just a pathetic excuse.


Mrs. Woods has given Tiger support when he needs it as far as rehabilitation.Personally the trust that she had with him in marriage has been broken.It is one thing to "learn" that your spouse has cheated with one person,but the traumatic knowledge that numerous other women where with him has got to turn your world up-side-down.Elin has chosen the right "course",by keeping
Tiger at a distance.Right now,Tiger wants what he no longer have,
the minute Elin lets him come home,he is going to feel that everything is okay including intimacy,and Mrs. Woods is not at all ready to travel"The road to Intimacy".This young lady has shown grace,respect and self dignity.She has not courted the media
and yet as been supportive of Tiger seeking help for his problems.


I think Elin is a smart woman and she shows the world at the moment that tiger does love her more than all the mistresses.. on his cost.. then she's ready leave him once all the buzz has died off.

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