Dr. Conrad Murray: No Apologies From Me

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In nine months since he killed Michael Jackson passed away, his former physician, Dr. Conrad Murray has not reached out to the icon's family to apologize at any point.

Why? Because he did nothing wrong. At least that's his take on it.

Sources close to Dr. Murray say he didn't believe the Propofol he administered to MJ killed him, notwithstanding the L.A. County Coroner's conclusion that it totally did.

Examiners say Jackson died from a lethal overdose of the anesthetic, and after an exhaustive investigation, Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

People connected with Conrad Murray say he didn't mention the drug to paramedics because he simply had no idea that Propofol was a factor in Jackson's demise.

Dr. Conrad Murray's excuses just aren't cutting it.

Really? Hospital-grade anesthesia administered via IV at a private residence when you're out of the room talking to your baby mama isn't even a possible factor?

Tell that to the jury.

As for allegedly hiding Propofol at Jackson's house, Murray's people note it was the doctor himself who informed the LAPD where it could be found two days later.

That appears to be true. Still, why did it take two days?

No wonder Joe Jackson has just filed a wrongful death suit against Murray. Who are we kidding, that shady character would do anything to make a buck off of his dead son ... but Murray isn't helping his own cause with this attitude, that's for sure.


tis is 4 juanita; at michael jackson trial he had a jury of 12 they all knew who he was some were young some older some listened to his music others didn't.i can tell u what they listened 2 was the(facts) they proved that the parents were after money and were liars.how come the parents r calling chris tucker and j. leno 4 money???????????? get over it girl he was found 2 b (NOT GUILTY) and that is a FACT!!michael was in 2 music not sports. RIP MICHAEL!


@juanita....I wouldn't send my little boy to stay with you.You speak of proof, what proof. You're sounding like Tom Sneddon and we all know how that ended. The all white jury saw his proof, they listen to the witnesses, and still came back Not Guilty on all counts. Now if you have proof shouldn't you have been one of those witnesses at that trial? Don't try to put down Michael's fans because they believe in his innocence. You are no better than they are because you believe he was guilty. They can call you all kinds of stupid names for believing the way you do. Get off your high horse, you are not superior to anyone. You can be wrong too you know.Maybe you are so blinded by hate or whatever. FOOL! Back at you!


Conrad Murray.....no apology from me. I hope he didn't say that. I honestly think Katherine Jackson would had appreciated him offering his sympathy when Michael was pronounce dead, instead of him taking off, disappearing for days and running to Houston to get lawyers. A decent innocent person would have done that. No one wants his apology, it won't bring Michael back. But what Michael's family and millions of fans do want is justice for Michael. So keep your apology Conrad Murray, we want to see you in prison and see your medical license taken away.


hellion would u stop calling michael a pedofile he wasnt he was taken to court and found not guilty or did u forget about the 2005 trial?
as for calling him a pedofile do u have any proof he actually molested a single child? Or are u believing everything the media says? well if u believe that u r pretty gulable. If you want further proof he is innocent look at his FBI file. The FBI and LAPD spent 10 years after him trying to prove he did it. But even after that they found nothing. more proof go on google and type was michael jackson framed. You find a link to a site which describes in great detail the case against him in 1993. You read it and you will see it was about money. Thats if u actually have the guts to read it as for any1 who says michael did it show me proof.
now hopefully murray and any1 else involved will go down big time


let's get 1 thing stright the 2005 trial of michael jackson. chris tucker and j.leno said that the kid parents asked them 4 money too.lets put this shit to rest.he was found NOT GUILTY. just shut your pie hole. and 4 dr. DEAD BEAT FATHER MURRAY u need 2 ROT in JAIL!!!!!!!


hellion;u must be talking about your self,maybe u should drop dead.i agree with what the mjfan said.i just did'nt want to get that nasty.


the family owes it to mj to fight. cuz if i had a say over this he would die slowly maybe they should give murray the drugs he used to kill michael take his own med. murray should of known better he is a doctor you dont use that only in hospital do i tinnk others were involved yes but he did the deed. yes mj had a drug problem but on june 25th he was MURDERED why dont ppl just leave michael alone.


you've got to be kidding. you just need your idols so badly that you can't see the logic. jackson was a pedophile all the way. there was so much proof of it but you refuse to see it. send your son to stay with someone like that and see how you feel. it's just like the famous sports figures. you're so blinded by the sports that you can't see that they human and they do all the same things other criminals do. i suppose you think OJ is innocent too! HA! FOOL!


Tell you what, Hellion - why don't you "reward" the world by inviting Dr. Murray over to your place for a little Propofol party? The world won't miss ya - I promise.


liar,liar he gave him a lethal injection.

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