Donald Trump Continues to Hate On Rosie O'Donnell

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Remember Donald Trump? He's a real estate mogul who formerly anchored a hit reality show.

Remember Rosie O'Donnell? She's a controversial talk show host who hasn't been heard from since she left The View.

Remember the hilarious feud between these two? Probably not. A refresher: In 2006, Rosie criticized Trump for "acting as a moral compass for 20-year-olds" when he chose to keep Tara Conner as Miss USA, despite a series of salacious photos.

In response, The Donald went off on O'Donnell, referring to her as a "disgraceful, horrible human being, a terrible person." And those were the compliments!

Rosie Picture

Now, days after it was announced that Rosie was returning with a daytime talk show, Trump has gone back on the offensive. He told Extra this week:

"She's a loser. Her other shows didn't do well, this one won't do well. Everything she touches is a failure, she's a failure."

We love it. Do you think Rosie's show will fail? Do you think Donald Trump should have better things to do with his life than pick this fight?

Choose a side: Team Rose or Team The Donald?


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people love rosie you big ego manaic bill gates can buy you 100 times over your just a little fly around warrren buffett or gates small time


Donald Trump is just jealous because Rosie O'Donnell has much better hair than he does.Meaning, she actually does have hair.


It's funny because I wouldn't normally defend Rosie O'Donnell, however her talk show did very well and only ended because she wanted it to.


Trump getting more and more bald - comb over getting more and more ridiculous. Get a wig!


i love that one!
commie bastard!!
it's a classic :) thanks! =D


You commie bastard. You love Rosie because she gives away free stuff? She's also broke, fails at everything, and a lot of people lost their jobs and investments when Rosie Magazine flopped. Donald Trump does way more good than Rosie ever will with her gay well wishing. Trump is a major part of the New York and American economy. Yes, he enjoys the benefits of that, but he provides JOBS for thousands of people directly and indirectly.