Discovery Channel May Win Sarah Palin Show

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Looks like Sarah Palin is coming to the Discovery Channel.

A deal for the former governor and current professional celebrity's reality series, Sarah Palin's Alaska, is expected to be announced by the network in the coming days.

Sarah Palin Gets Fired Up!

The travel series, produced by Mark Burnett, would feature Alaska's ex-governor giving tours of the state. Hopefully some Todd Palin snow machine shots are featured.

Sarah Palin started shopping around the show this month. Major networks passed, but Discovery showed interest. It could air on Discovery or its sister network, TLC.

Palin is asking $1.2 million per episode for Sarah Palin's Alaska, making it one of the most expensive nature series of all time, and constitute a seemingly ridiculous price, but if someone's willing to pay it, that's the free market for ya.

This is America, don'cha know!

HALF-BAKED ALASKA: Sarah Palin's new nature series might finally make her #1 ... at least on THG's list of most overpaid and overexposed celebrities out there.

** UPDATE: The show will air on TLC and Palin will, indeed, receive $1.2 million per episode. See, she's a regulr hockey mom, just like you!


I'd check out the show... sounds like an interesting prospect to me. I think some of people out there need to settle down-- if you don't like her, don't vote for her... otherwise leave the rest of us out of your hatefest, please.


KICK ASS!! THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR AMERICA. Just remember that the means whereby you protest onscreen were brought to you by petroleum. Plastics to transportation to communication to heat and cool.


OMG! This woman is evil incarnate. She is opportunistic, ignorant, manipulative and the last person who should be considered an environmentalist. Wake up. She is trying to clean up her image as she has higher aspirations - the elections of 2012. Is this the Armageddon everyone is talking about?


I thought it was a joke until I started researching this. No lie, if a Sarah Palin show airs on Discovery Channel or TLC I will boycott these two channels for life.


Sarah Palin sanctions the barbaric aerial shootings of wolves and bears. She offers a bounty of $150 for every severed front leg of a wolf turned in. She has written legislation to support these atrocities against Alaska's wildlife. Sarah Palin has proven herself as an enemy of all wildlife. It is beyond comprehension why the Discovery Channel has chosen this woman to host a show that promotes respect for Alaskan wildlife, when Sarah Palin has shown none.


Sarah Palin is totally innappropriate to work on the the Discovery network. She is derisive, anti everything that the Discovery channels stand for. I urge the Discovery Channel to pull Palin. We do not need her type of ignorance on any of their shows.


Palin: this woman has no business on the Discovery channel.
Discovery is suppose to bring educationnal, tru statements.
Palin may be smart but is overly oportunist + extremist + bluff her way through her like of knowledge = very dangerous!
NO to Palin on discovery or any educationnal channel


This is nothing short of a joke. She offered $150 for each severed wolf limb in trying to eliminate the wolf population in Alaska. She's for drilling for oil in their National Refuge. She stands for every anti environment movement and they are going to pay her over $1 million per show? I hope Discover loses their A** on this deal. I enjoy the Discovery channel, but will have to reconsider programming choice from now on!


i am a lifelong liberal and have never voted republicen in a national election. i do not agree with sarah's conservative politics, but have nothing but the utmost respect for her. she is a truly liberated woman and appears to be far too honest to hold public office. i thoroughly enjoy her. will i watch her show? you betcha.


sucks. uninspiring. get a little airtime and that makes you a star? :P what garbage.

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