Did Justin Bieber Diss Mariah Carey?

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Wow. We sure hope Nick Cannon is sitting down before he reads this.

If The Sun (UK) is to be believed, 10-year-old singer Justin Bieber unexpectedly lashed out at Mariah Carey during an otherwise normal interview with the paper.

Justin the Joker

While praising Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Beyoncé, he didn't mince words when it came to Mimi. "I don't love her new music, it's not the same," he said.

"It's like Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA. She is past her best."

Snap. Looks like someone's publicist is gonna be working overtime ... or already did. The quote and any mention of Carey has since been removed. Suspicious!

Justin Bieber likened Mariah Carey to the Washington Wizards iteration of Michael Jordan. Possibly. The origin of the prepubescent star's Carey quote is debatable.

Could Bieber have a cleaner on retainer to fix his verbal gaffes (like saying Miley Cyrus isn't his type)? Could the reporter have made that up and later been called out?

We may never know. But we're going to go ahead and officially say we think he said it, because look at him. He's a little hothead, you can just tell. What a frickin' punk.

Celebrity feuds, real or imagined, are more fun, right?


the past mariah carey?? 10 yr old (according to this wrong article) justin bieber wasnt even born yet!


I Rather like Justin Bieber's music, and yer he is cute, and he knows it. thats why he is so full of himself. i hate lads like that they, really get on my nerves :@ and its even worse wen one of your very best friends fancies the pants of him, never shuts up about him. Sheesh ;)


The world of music is lacking real vocalists and real music. We desperately still need Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson. Let the new and younger talent come along - if they can defeat the divas then let them. Mariah's music may have changed but she still is a phenomenal vocalist and a great songwriter. These little twerps come along not respecting music royalty. Whitney Houston came back after a seven year hiatus and is still the best vocalist out there. After five years I will be saying, again, Justin who???? They will never have the career these ladies have. Never.


1st comment: Justin who??????


This cub scout (no offense intended to the BSA) is more than annoying. His arrogance and self-entitled opinions should be neutralized!!!! Since tweens don't really think for themselves, they just follow the packs, maybe parents can help cutting this off at the pass. JB is not very talented...he just has a big ego. Go blow Justin...you are not relevant.


God this kid is so annoying. I've only heard one of his songs but he's worse than Miley!


HAHA little prick doesn't even write his own music. I'm not even a mariah fan but this guy will fizzle out in a few years.


Wow isnt he smart... Diss the MOST SUCCESSFUL FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME who the hell does he think he is. His voice is too freaking high to even sing anyways he needs to hit puberty and hes already 15 years old. Thats OK though i bet Mariah doesn't even know who he is. She probably heard that and laughed because she hasn't even heard of him. Mariah is still making great music today. Justin is just looking for 15 minutes of fame. He doesnt even write his own damn songs!


god, justin beiber is so annoying.
Baby sucks.........it's just as annoying as he is.
he needs to stfu and gtfo, quick.


justin best f up he cant talk bout mariah like tht shes the best he needs to watch wht he says!

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