Did Justin Bieber Diss Mariah Carey?

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Wow. We sure hope Nick Cannon is sitting down before he reads this.

If The Sun (UK) is to be believed, 10-year-old singer Justin Bieber unexpectedly lashed out at Mariah Carey during an otherwise normal interview with the paper.

Justin the Joker

While praising Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Beyoncé, he didn't mince words when it came to Mimi. "I don't love her new music, it's not the same," he said.

"It's like Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA. She is past her best."

Snap. Looks like someone's publicist is gonna be working overtime ... or already did. The quote and any mention of Carey has since been removed. Suspicious!

Justin Bieber likened Mariah Carey to the Washington Wizards iteration of Michael Jordan. Possibly. The origin of the prepubescent star's Carey quote is debatable.

Could Bieber have a cleaner on retainer to fix his verbal gaffes (like saying Miley Cyrus isn't his type)? Could the reporter have made that up and later been called out?

We may never know. But we're going to go ahead and officially say we think he said it, because look at him. He's a little hothead, you can just tell. What a frickin' punk.

Celebrity feuds, real or imagined, are more fun, right?

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look i like justin but i hate when he diss mariah carey my brother call him justin shiter


agora eu cai na reu voc nao liga pra suas verdadiras fas tem gente que se voce morre se mata justin cai narreau pela amor de deus estou xateada com voce


agora eu cai na reu voc nao liga pra suas verdadiras fas tem gente que se voce morre se mata justin cai narreau pela amor de deus estou xateada com voce


meu orkut e layane_lindinha_10@hotmail.com me manda um convite justinnnn mas manda recado em portugues ta bom amigoooooo te adorooo beijaooo


eu sou brasileira eu sou palhaça ate de mais tenho cabelo liso e um sorriso lindo e gataria de ir no seu xou no rio mas nao dar pra mim ir sabe me manda um convite do seu orkut sei la oque voce tem me manda um convite e eu vou te asseita mas manda recado em portugues se nao eu nao vou te responde beijao e voce nao divia namora a mariah carey ela e feia de mais nao e inveja mas voce e muito bonito pra ela sabe tchal beijao a eu nao sou sua fa numero 1 mais poque voc nao liga pra suas fas nee beijo


oi justin bieber tudo bem com voce gostaria de namora a demi lovato quando voce vai vim no rio de janeiro


bieber needs to get a life, can't stand him, he's a little boy who gotten too full of himself. As far as most of the comments posted which posted here (especially the ones from females) their post smell of envy for Mariah.


i don't like justin bieber at all the he she is so disturbing!asfor mariah she is my girl!justin bieber zero hero


All you Lil Justin Bieber Fans are Trippin Balls!!!!! Mariah Carey is still the best,and ALWAYZ will be...So Fuck off.


I agree. "Obsessed" was not amazing. I miss her in her "Always Be My Baby" and "We Belong Together" days.