Devon James Alleges Affair with Tiger Woods

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Move over, Joslyn James ... here comes Devon James! The adult film star has emerged from the woodwork to allege that Tiger Woods tapped that. Shocking.

The self-proclaimed "adult entertainer" claims she did Woods "over a 2½ year orgy." Presumably she means off and on over that time. Dude's not that good.

In a radio interview, Devon James alleged that Tiger paid her and two women $2,000 each after a brief introduction for what she described as "dirty" sex.

"There was very little talk," said James, the latest to make Tiger's list of mistresses during his five-year marriage to former swimsuit model Elin Nordegren.

Devon James claims to have bedded Tiger Woods. Get in line.

The porn star said that Woods preferred to be the dominant partner in bed, is well endowed, and claimed his wife and the mother of his kids doesn't like sex.

That would explain so much.

After their first threesome, Tiger allegedly gave her his personal number as the tawdry trysts continued through 2008. James says phone records confirm it.

Devon says that in one message, Woods tells her simply, "I want you to be my whore." Sounds a lot like the Tiger Woods text messages to James' namesake.

The infamous Joslyn James and Holly Sampson, another conquest of Tiger, both work in the "industry." Devon would make porn star mistress #3 in that case!

As if Elin Woods' chastity belt weren't tight enough as it is. Sure, Devon James could be lying, but it sounds like him - and does he have any credibility left?

Tiger Woods' list of mistresses may soon exceed that of his major titles.


These new women that are outing themselves are Not telling us any thing new about Tiger.Long after they have crawled back into their
holes,Tiger will still be recognized as the #1 Golfer in the World.He has been away for months,and given others fair opportunities to shine while he was gone. When he goes back "to work",there are going to be some happy people who will Not even care about what another woman have to confess about Tiger.After spending time with him,if all they have to show for it is some memories of dirty talk,they ended up with what he paid for!!


Yes, I got the feeling that the problem with that marriage is not just Tiger... If some e-news said being true, Elin doesn't like sex frequently, so no wonder the sex-obssessive husband has to seek elsewhere... (PS: I am not saying Tiger is right... I am just saying her wife will need to understand that husband has a sex needs and some men have more sex needs)...The strange thing is some e-news even cited Elin opted separate bed which is way way ridiculous and bad example for the kids...


He is a changed man now. He said it himself in those interviews.


If his wife truly doesn't like sex, he is going to go right back to the porn queens, so he needs a divorce. And why isn't she being treated instead of him? Don't know if I believe him.

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