Devon James Alleges Affair with Tiger Woods

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Move over, Joslyn James ... here comes Devon James! The adult film star has emerged from the woodwork to allege that Tiger Woods tapped that. Shocking.

The self-proclaimed "adult entertainer" claims she did Woods "over a 2½ year orgy." Presumably she means off and on over that time. Dude's not that good.

In a radio interview, Devon James alleged that Tiger paid her and two women $2,000 each after a brief introduction for what she described as "dirty" sex.

"There was very little talk," said James, the latest to make Tiger's list of mistresses during his five-year marriage to former swimsuit model Elin Nordegren.

Devon James claims to have bedded Tiger Woods. Get in line.

The porn star said that Woods preferred to be the dominant partner in bed, is well endowed, and claimed his wife and the mother of his kids doesn't like sex.

That would explain so much.

After their first threesome, Tiger allegedly gave her his personal number as the tawdry trysts continued through 2008. James says phone records confirm it.

Devon says that in one message, Woods tells her simply, "I want you to be my whore." Sounds a lot like the Tiger Woods text messages to James' namesake.

The infamous Joslyn James and Holly Sampson, another conquest of Tiger, both work in the "industry." Devon would make porn star mistress #3 in that case!

As if Elin Woods' chastity belt weren't tight enough as it is. Sure, Devon James could be lying, but it sounds like him - and does he have any credibility left?

Tiger Woods' list of mistresses may soon exceed that of his major titles.


Yes, Richard, everyone is an "idiot" except you and you alone--it's everybody ELSE who is at fault in your world, isn't it? I didn't read anything overwhelmingly intelligent in your comment, douche-nozzle.


Ugh. If he's going to cheat,you'd think he'd have enough of a choice that he'd at least pick a decent-looking woman.these women are horrid.


For God's sake, of course he *said* his wife doesn't like sex. He's a married man looking for extramarital sex. His wife probably "doesn't understand him" either. He would have cheated no matter what Elin did. She had two children in a short period of time; she was exhausted, and so didn't want sex 24/7. Instead of being a decent man he was a selfish pig and satisfied himself 24/7 with other women. That's what being a grown up means--that you don't always get what you want. That's what being married means, that children sometimes get in the way. Decent people stick it out through the hard times. Tiger isn't decent. He's also not a sex addict. He only became an addict when he got caught. Tiger's trash.


people need to not worry about it and let them get on with there lives


Tiger Woods is a bad example for the world. A tiger never changes his stripes so I doubt this guy is changed. Maybe for a while, but I guarantee he will go back to his old ways again.


Men like him are full of shits. They just don't understand how serious they can hurt their wifes and the entire family


If Tiger is as bad as what you folks say....then how come Elin opts to still stay with him.... I don't believe in Elin's reason (as said in e-news) that she came from a divorce family, hence wonted to save the marriage for her kids... Frankly, I don't believe that is the reason she stayed because if she thought the man was horrible or unbearable, she couldn't even live with him ... There must be some reasons why Elin stay if you folks thought Tiger so scumbag


This implies Tiger Woods is a real sex addict...People said sex addicts have typical traits of multiple affairs and wild sex... Hope his sex addict therapy completed as well as his continuous sex therapy work... But I found it hard to believe his wife Elin doesn't sense anything abnormal in sex behaviour from his husband.. A friend of mine encountered this real story... A super rich man was travelling with his wife in waiting area of the airport... A sexy woman (didn't know how she knew this was a rich man) dared to come up to this man (who has his wife next to him) and started flirting with him... You can guess how "infidelity- dangerous" a super wealthy husband will be in terms of these greedy whores... She even dared to flirt with one's wife beside.. The story ended with the husband told the sexy woman "I am happily married and want to remain happily and peacefully married..."


Yes, it is very possible that he was maintaining many relationships at once. I doubt the whores where one time flings or lying. He is a sociopath!
I was in a 3 year serious, exclusive relationship with a man who had a respectable profession in society. It ended because I found out he was maintaining 4 relationships at the same time and shopping on dating sites at the same time saying he is single. He told every girl he wanted to marry them, wined and dined them, etc. We all saw him 2 times a week, spoke every day on the phone, texted throughout the day. It sounds crazy, but believe it. Read Dr. Hare's checklist # 11. Tiger Woods is a manipulative, shallow psychopath!


Tiger Woods lied to himself and to all his mistresses. I don't buy his excuse that Elin does not like sex often. I think that the issue here is that Tiger likes, kinky dirty, perverted, anything goes sex and his decent, moral wife will never stoop that low!

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