Demi Lovato Confirms: I'm Dating Joe Jonas

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It's official and it's adorable: Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are an item.

In November, Demi insisted she and the cute singer were just friends. But she spoke with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood this week and had the following conversation:

Bush: Are you dating a Jonas Brother?
Demi: Ummm, maybe.
Bush: Which one? Joe?
Demi: Yeah. He's my best friend.
Bush: So you guys went from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends?
Demi: No, kind of the opposite.
Bush: So you're dating him now?
Demi: Yeah, he is my best friend and he is incredible.

That says it all, doesn't it? Jonas has been linked with Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle in the past. But we have a feeling this relationship will truly last.

Demi and Joe

Say hello to Jemi!

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I liked demi and all but she stabbed Taylor Swift in the back is she a Terrible person and frankly a terrible friend.
You are allowed to be friends with him Demi but dating him goes beyond the point, what you said to Taylor Swift was a load of Bull and you are a descrase to friends around the world, why did it take joe so long to ask you out anyways? The only reason he likes you NOW is because you have gotten prettier then what you were when you guys first met or you would of been dating from then so think about it. and secondly I have no intrest in Taylor swift if i must say I dont like her at all but I love her voice its unique and yet im sticking up for her over some celebraty I love well use to love anyways. Bye.


OmG i


for the frist comment on this page i aggree I LOVE U JOE AND DEMI!!!!!!!!!11!1 KISSes TO BOTH OF YOU AND I LOVE THIS SONG BY DEMI THIS IS ME


demi if u see these comments please ignore them becuz u and joe jonas are a cute couple and yall look like yall are meant for each other and all yall poeple whos saying joe and demi are ugly well they are not so STOP BEING JEALOUS cuz they are both beautiful. i dont see wats ugly in either one of them so demi and joe just ignore them jealous people. dats evil. and also im a fan of both of u so keep livin.


I am SOOOO HAPPY! ~ I MEAN I WAITED FOR 8 months! ~ *sigh. :) Thank God! ~ :) I wish they would last forever.


I'm so happy if it's true, but i guess it's not. Comeon listen to the converstion, it's sound kind of weird, it's so just a rumor!


ahhh i so happy i love demi and joe and its ment to be ahhhh i so happy wooooooooooo


crazy people omg


@jemilovers why would u say everyone luvs jemi just because u do dosent mean everyone does gosh this is not gonna wrk out 4 me joe and demi no no no no never they cant i dont like this couple i mean omg no way terrible but if demi is happy im happy @ least ok with it demi im happy 4 u but come on no offense to joe he's a good singer but u deserve better


ewwwww....dey luk worst 2gthr demis gnna ruin joe's life....

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