Demi Lovato Confirms: I'm Dating Joe Jonas

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It's official and it's adorable: Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are an item.

In November, Demi insisted she and the cute singer were just friends. But she spoke with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood this week and had the following conversation:

Bush: Are you dating a Jonas Brother?
Demi: Ummm, maybe.
Bush: Which one? Joe?
Demi: Yeah. He's my best friend.
Bush: So you guys went from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends?
Demi: No, kind of the opposite.
Bush: So you're dating him now?
Demi: Yeah, he is my best friend and he is incredible.

That says it all, doesn't it? Jonas has been linked with Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle in the past. But we have a feeling this relationship will truly last.

Demi and Joe

Say hello to Jemi!

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i have to say they dont look good 2gther...and that interviw did seem fake. i dont like demi that much and joe diserves a better girl than her.


how long have u 2 been datin


so real happy for you both, I was praying everyday so that you guys go out together and finally you are!!!


Demi you lied to your fans telling them you would never date a Jonas cuz ther like brothers. Thats why I don't respect you anymore not cos your dating Joe. Joe doesnt deserve to get lied to or cheated on. Got that!


i am so happy i have been praying for so long thank god haleluar


So, if it's not taylor swift, it's selena gomez and if it's not selena gomez, it's demi lovato?
JEEEZE ... I once looked up to these people!
What's it with disney stars only dating disney stars?
Like Joe couldn't find a nice girlfriend outside of the Disney factory ?.
And if I could choose, I'd say: atleast pick chelsea staub!
And btw, that interview is TOTAAAAALLY fake. Now they're gonna make us think they're dating. YEAAAH right. And u fans stick to liars!


so sweet .. i wish you will be have a good child.... and i wish to you will be together


ohh they are sooo cyte together especially in that movie camp rock i love it
and i love selena and nic sooo mush and even love the song this is me by demiiiiiiiiiiii


lmaoo this wont last hes such a PLAYA. oh and isent she friends with taylor why would she date her friends ex.No bigg juss saying lmao


I'm happy for them. They have great chemistry and they're both super beautiful. And they're great people. I'm just sad that Demi is going to get hated on so much. It's Niley, Jaylor, Nelena all over again. You can't date a Jonas Brother without becoming the most hated celebrity in the world. I honestly hope that doesn't happen to her, though.

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