David Beckham Tears Achilles; Abs Thankfully Fine

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Soccer star David Beckham is expected to miss the World Cup after apparently tearing his Achilles’ tendon Sunday in A.C. Milan’s 1-0 victory over Chievo Verona.

Beckham pulled up unchallenged in the center circle, hopped on his right leg, fell to the turf and shouted “It’s broken, it’s broken!” as he was carried off in tears.

A Worried Fan

He is expected to fly to Finland today to have surgery.

“He felt the muscle begin to come up, which is a typical symptom when you break an Achilles’ tendon,” Milan Coach Leonardo told Sky Sports. “It's a real blow.”

David Beckham's Achilles is torn, but the rest of that bod is okay.

The loss was also a blow for England's World Cup hopes, but likely not a devastating one since Beckham was not even assured a place on Fabio Capello’s roster.

England's national team is strongest in midfield, where David plays. Losing Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard would be far, far more troubling to their chances.

Serious soccer analysis aside, the injury could put his entire soccer career in peril, but on the plus side, that'd leave much more time for underwear modeling.

You gotta look on the bright side, right? You don't need two functional Achilles tendons to have a functional David Beckham shirtless. Might as well retire now!


No pain, no gain, shame the little boy is hurt from kicking a ball in the back yard. Take it like a man & dont be such a baby!


u guys r fukin sick
hes da best player in da whole world
how much better ths wrld wud be widout u sickos


Name calling over the internet, how mature of you Hellion.
@Free Britney
I apologize for the rant, but honestly, mistakes like that really tick me off. If you promise to proof read more, I'll promise to keep my mouth shut :)

Free britney

kat, thank you for pointing out the error, which has been corrected. we were simply too mesmerized by the photo of him shirtless to proofread. surely you understand.


Douchebag on the highest level of doucheness.


ACL and Achilles tendon are not the same.. This blog is brutal for mistakes like this. Dont you do any backround research before posting a story? What about proof reading as well? How does website expect to be taken seriously if it thinks the ACL and the Achilles tendon are the same
damn thing. Sheesh.


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