David Archuleta Memoir Planned, Single Leaked

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Some time during season nine, Adam Lambert will perform on American Idol.

It's safe to assume David Archuleta will, as well.

We can make this assumption because the former runner-up is releasing a memoir on May 4. It's titled "Chords of Strength" and here are a few snippets about it, courtesy of Amazon.com:

David Archuleta was named one of the "breakout stars of 2008" by Forbes magazine and landed the number two spot on the Billboard charts.

In Chords of Strength, David shares his unexpected and inspiring journey, including how he overcame vocal cord paralysis to achieve his dream of being a singer. He reveals insecurities he felt about his voice-before he realized that he loved the way singing made him feel more than he disliked the way he sounded.

In this personal memoir, David opens up about the strength he draws from his unshakable faith and unyielding family. He pays tribute to those who continue to inspire him and through their example help him believe in himself, his talent, and his abilities.

Meanwhile, a single off Archuleta's upcoming album has also leaked online.

Give a listen to "She's Not You" below.


The release date for David's book is now June 1. Anyone who pre-ordered at Amazon while the release date was May 4 should go to Amazon and check their order. You need to re-approve your order with the new release date. I found the easy way to get to my order was to go to the book's page and click "You ordered this on". When you get to your order it will be in red with a message above about an action you need to take. Do what it says and you will get to a page where you can update your order for the new release and delivery date.


Give me ANYTHING David! His next CD is gonna be awesome! The book will be great to read...but I agree...I want to also read the follow-up book in 20 years...to his FAB career! :)


I will definetly be buying David's book and am anxiously awaiting his next CD. I have seen him 7 times and will go to as many concerts for his new CD as possible. His voice is amazing and his humble spirit and generosity come shining through in all he does. His memoir will be another way for him to show his tremendous faith and dedication to what he loves so much. I admire him tremendously.


I'm looking forward to the book, although I do agree that 19 is young to be writing a memoir. Still, I am interested. I just want to buy ANOTHER book in 30 or 40 years about the rest of David's very successful career and life.


Already ordered his book and and can't wait to buy the new cd! Don't think the leaked song will be part of new cd, probably some old demo leaked to generate buzz only. David has already accomplished so much and still a teenager....just amazing!


Hellion, you're a million laughs although that was not likely your intent. David was writing and recording for his third album before the one year anniversary of the release of his first album on November of 2009. Almost all his concerts are sold out. I've been to see him nine times myself logging about 12,000 miles in the effort. David is at the beginning of a long and extremely successful career. I love everything about him and his spectacular voice. I will buy the book the day it's released, without question.


Hellion -I'm guessing David has done more in his life at this point than you ever will. For someone who's "washed up" explain all of the sold-out tours he's done (most recent ended in Dec)and the ability to have his xmas cd be one of the best selling cds for Jive in 2009. I can't wait to hear what David has to say about his experiences. I will be buying the book as soon as it's out!!!
p.s. I LOVE that song!!!! (can't get it out of my head!!)


Definitely buying it. Go David!


I love the idea of a teenager writing his memoirs. Especially, a teenager such as David Archuleta who is a great role model for today's youth. For such a young age, so many (adults and younger) have learned a lot about living life. Age is not a determinate of how much one can contribute to the growth of others. David has overcome a lot in his young life; has great work ethics; does not give into peer pressure; accepts other unconditionally; believe in family; and has an ushakeable belief system grounded by his faith. What better role model for our youth of today to emulate, with so many negative role models in today's world. Yes, we can learn a lot from this young man. I consider it to be a must read for young people, especially.


A teenager writing a memoir? Gee, can't wait to read about the first time he drove a car. Can you say washed up already.


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He's been my role model. Just a great person to look up to. He's been my big brother through this.

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