Dancing with the Stars Profile: Shannen Doherty

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No matter what happens on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars, Shannen Doherty can find comfort in this fact:

It can't go any worse than her pointless guest-starring stint on the new 90210 last year.

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower

The washed-up actress is one of several well-known names included on the latest edition of the ABC competition. As we move toward its March 22 premiere, we'll be profiling various contestants. First, it was Pamela Anderson. Now, a closer look at Doherty...

Full name: Shannen Maria Doherty
Most famous role: Beverly Hills, 90210
Professional partner: Mark Ballas
Number of Playboy appearances: Four
Number of shared ex-husbands with Pamela Anderson: One (Rick Salomon)
Movie she starred in whose title best summarizes her career: Defunct
Odds of winning: 100-1




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