Dancing with the Stars Profile: Kate Gosselin

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Despite the dubious reasons for Kate Gosselin becoming a household name, she's a bona fide celebrity now, and will compete on Dancing with the Stars Season 10!

Like fellow contestant Jake Pavelka, Kate is only famous for being on another TV show, and for the assorted celebrity gossip stories that followed in her personal life.

Kate Gosselin, Runner

Can she bring Dancing glory back to Pennsylvania? We sincerely doubt it. Will she be a ratings draw? You know it. Here's a brief rundown on this DWTS contender ...

Full name: Katie Irene Gosselin (née Kreider)
Professional partner: Tony Dovolani
Age: 34
Hails from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Original occupation: Registered nurse
Signature look: Reverse mullet weave
Signature move: Emasculating Jon Gosselin
Number of kids: Eight
Number of books: Three
Number of THG posts on her: 140
Odds of winning: 155-1

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Deb- That is what I thought. Run away when you have nothing left on your side. College Proffessor using text language Oh how classy is that Mrs. Perfect. People that boast about how great their lives are, are usually unhappy. I could give 2 $hits about my spelling. You are probably nothing but a loser with no life.


LOL Melissa. I guess anyone can have a "typo" (read your posts and you will see what I mean). I don' have any more time to sit here and argue with the likes of you. Regardless of what you think, I have a great life sitting here on my pedestal, as you call it. Too bad you will never have the chance to experience what it feels like! Thank you for the great laugh you have provided a group of people who I have shown your messages to. You should write to Kate. Maybe you are good enough to be a nanny to her kids. Hope you enjoy your life. Bye!!


Deb- I'm so glad you are high and mighty about being a college professor and want to critique my spelling. But since you are so perfect and a professor and I am not maybe YOU should learn to spell as well. “Also, you might want to check the dictinary for the correct spelling of the word hypocrite before using it.� As far as this uneducated person knows dictionary has an “o� in it. So there you go Mrs. Perfect can’t spell herself. Take a look in the mirror honey before being a “Kate� to someone else!!!!!!


Deb & "TO MELISSA Says" if you two so called ladies do not like Kate Gosselin why do you watch her? Why do you talk about her?


Melissa, just for the record.....I am the kind of woman I think Kate should be. You don't know me, so don't try passing judgement. I have always been here for my children and now my grandchildren, and they love me as much as I love them!! As well, they have never needed counselling!! My husband never had to go out cheating, I give him all the attetion he will ever need! We are soul mates and best friends. We do not need to belittle each other to make ourselves feel better!


You can tell what kind of a person Melissa is by reading her comments. They are very uneducated sounded and really don'tmake sense. When I see the source of the comments (Melissa) I really feel sorry for people like her. That is what is wrong with this country, too many people who think like she does. (It is okay to use kids as a freak show to make yourself money). (She will need to use it for all the counselling they will need as teenagers)! I really hope you are not a mother Melissa!




MELISSA- You don't know what the hell You are talking about! DEB- YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!




I think all you people are idiots. Why is it ok for Pam Anderson to be on this show or an actress? She has kids but thats ok. You're all hypocrits. I am sure there is a female or male celebrity out there you love and they have kids. Get a life people. Why is it ok for the men to have a career but not the women? and excuse me but there are a ton of shows were there are children. Little people big world, the Osbournes, Hogan knows best, 200 kids and counting. Why bash Kate for making money and supporting her whole family. Jon is a loser. Kate did talk to him badly i will agree she has appologized for that. There is no excuse for him to cheat thats whats wrong witht he world. Everyone has an excuse for what they do wrong. She owned up to speaking to him nasty he should own up too.

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