Dancing with the Stars Boots ... Shannen Doherty?!

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Well, shows what we know.

Following the shocking elimination of Shannen Doherty, Dancing With the Stars either established itself as wildly unpredictable or wrought with conspiracy.

Is a ratings-boosting fix in from ABC? Are voters going all Sanjaya on us and trying to keep the worst peeps on? Does no one recall the original 90210?

Whatever the reason, despite a semi-respectable two-week score of 38, good for seventh place out of 11 by the judges' tallies, Doherty is outta here.

Despite being wildly outperformed, Kate Gosselin, who was among the bottom three vote getters, escaped elimination Tuesday. What a complete joke.

Even more amazing? Pamela Anderson, despite being the fourth highest rated performer Monday by the judges, landed in the bottom two with Doherty.

Shannen and Mark

ONE AND DONE: It's all over for Shannen Doherty and Mark Ballas.

The 38-year-old Shannen said on last week's season premiere that she joined the show's cast to honor her father, a big fan who recently suffered a stroke.

"To see my dad's face light up the way it did and how proud he was of me filled me with this kind of amazing emotion of thankfulness," Doherty said Tuesday.

"I call that a success."

Why was this angle not played up more by producers? Or the fact that her partner was dancing hurt? Because they were more worried about keeping Kate on.

Doherty led off Monday's show, while Gosselin closed it out. Kate's dancing royally sucked, but a heated spat with Tony Dovolani was fresh in the voters' minds.

They patched things and performed a Jive Bruno Tonioli called “a disaster,” but apparently it was good enough to score another week, along with Buzz Aldrin.

What do you think? Did the voters make the right decision? Should Kate have gone home? Who are you rooting for on Dancing with the Stars?




Shannen Dougherty is a has been. This was a golden opportunity for her to shine and polish her tarnished image... instead, she was cussing and flipping Mark off behind his back, reaffirming to many the reason they don't like this no-class girl. Dancing with the Stars is like and caller vote-in show, a popularity contest. I heard Shannen only got 8 votes... yeah, that's right, EIGHT votes. Does that tell you anything? People don't like her.


You know Kate will win this...she def stinks and doesn't deserve to win one bit but she got the fanbase that votes..I just feel bad for her partner and the rest of the cast that has to put up with her and her attitude


What a complete joke! She was definitely not the worst, not by a long shot. This whole thing is a sham...I'm very disappointed that she is the first one to leave. This was my first time watching this show and it was because of Shannen. No need to continue watching this slop.


I don't think Shannon should have gotten the boot first! Guess ppl are still voting on their dislike of her rather than her performance!
Kate - joke! She was so stiff and looked silly. So did Buzz.

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