Crystal Bowersox: Her Troubled Upbringing

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Crystal Bowersox is a front-runner on American Idol this season.

But behind her soulful singing lies a difficult childhood dealing with diabetes, divorce and a father behind bars. Following her diabetes diagnosis at the age of six, things worsened still for the Ohio native when her parents got a divorce.

Not only did Crystal Bowersox witness a brawl between her mother and new stepmom, but a fight between her dad and 15-year-old stepbrother over the youngster’s school record and attitude landed her dad in jail on domestic violence charges.


Are we looking at the next American Idol right here?

“Her dad’s predicament was especially rough on Crystal; she was always Daddy’s little girl,” her step-grandfather, Wally Kline, told Star of Bowersox's tough beginning.

That's very sad, but we're just glad she's come out of it fine, and was able to channel such difficulties into music that's captivating us week after week on American Idol.

We expect more of the same this evening!


Crystal is the true winner these young voters have neither taste for great performances, and by their responses they have no class either. One vote per person would be the real truth. AI gets their rating from how many votes are received. So the show is less successful than what they claim, if one person votes 500 times. How can they count that 500 viewers. The true winner was Crystal everyone in the world knows who the best performer was this season not that pimped out Lee who has no imagination. How can you be a true artist without any imagination? I loved every performance of Crystal, especially the last three. She just smoked Lee in them, no comparison. I'm like Ellen I'll buy all her CD's, and pay to see her live. If the AI tour is successful it will be mainly because of Crystal's presence.


They both won as far as I am concerned. Crystal is under contract, as Lee and because Crystal didn't win, she has more say on what she can do as an artist and more time to spend with her son. Therefore, they both won big.


Crystal still my idol and she doesn't need the "winner's" title to succeed! I wish her the best and to love both parents, the same way she loves her child. Good luck Crystal!


I think Crystal and Lee are great artists - no comparison with many before them - I did not think Adam Lambert was great - shocking, but not great, self-indulgent, pompous a bit - not great -pretty avaerage - but these two have something unique - even their lives and upbringing are not usual - very inetresting, taleneted people!


I can't wait for Crystal to release her music on CD. I will be waiting in line to buy it, along with many others I know. What a wonerful and unique performer and singer. She stands out and will always be the true winner.


Both Lee and Crystal will be top performers. Crystal may have the performance edge over Lee (and a bigger vocal range), but Lee will write songs and become the most creative Idol winner ever.


Crystal got robbed! Not only is her voice amzing but her stage presence is that of a mature artist. Win or not, she will soar...remember Adam Lambert came in second and we barely remember the name of Chris whatshisname..She has fabuous pipes and puts on a spectacular show and I as well as millions of others look forward to her music and being a fan for the way, she is the first idol I havae ever voted for!


Ive been rooting for all along from the start and you are fantastic artist I wish you all the best in the future


I truly believed she should have won. She has more talent that i have seen in the last nine years of idol.I am sorry he did not deserve to win,she is by far a better artist than him.


I'm happy for Lee... I am also excited about Crystal's future as an artist.

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