Crazed Twilight Saga Fan Reacts to Eclipse Trailer

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She's back.

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    Ahhhhh how about who cares what she posted country...if u didnt wana c it u shouldnta lookd @ it...what did u think it was gonna be?? Lolz god bless da critics of the world ...........anyhoo i say shes brave if anything for puttn it upp :) i couldnt n im a die hard fan........books sound tracks dolls dvds posters (team edward by the way) but i just couldnt post my reaction id be .........not brave enufff i scared my kids when i saw the breaking dawn trailer.......omg cmon nov :)


    I needed a smile! Too funny, makes me feel better knowing I WILL never be that bad...ok anyway...Bella is wearing a wig in Eclipse..had too she cut off that beautiful hair to make the Runaways....It's been pointed out in several articles. Your cute!...


    hahaha..that was funny. she's crazy..but not of the story but the characters. if she were truly a big fan, she should have read the book because it is edited in the movie.


    How annoying i feel like giving her a slap after watching that. maybe she should audition for the next shrek movie.


    ok well that's 6.46 minutes of my life i won't get back.


    Okay @Princess Han Han. Believe it or not, I'm from the UK as well and I say, let America have her. England certainly doesn't. Sorry, I'm normally a nice person but why would you record your reactions, knowing just how bad the responses are gonna be and upload them for the world to see, and repeat it per film? Warning people at the beginning of the video doesn't exactly erase the fact that the video exists in the first place. If she didn't want the attention, then she wouldn't have posted it. She brought it on herself. Yet, stupidly, she continues to upload these little responses.

    I'm actually ashamed to say we walk the same country.


    Your reaction to our E's reaction is more than harsh. Other non UK fans scream far louder in the stars' faces when they're around whereas we respect them and their personal/private space a lot more. And they react soooo much better to us not throwing ourselves at them. And FYI Hollywood Gossip at least E, as one of our most beloved Twihard ET attendees and friends is one in a million and we in the UK wouldn't swap her for anybody or anything else!!!!


    I had the volume at 4/ 100 and that video still managed to deafen me.


    That was disturbing on so many levels.


    It was AWESOME!! I loved the tralier and edward looks HOT!!

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