Bryon Bell: Tiger Woods' BFF, Part-Time Pimp

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In two interviews Sunday, Tiger Woods says no one close to him was aware of his many, many affairs. Well, except for the guy who used to set 'em up, logistically.

“No one knew what was going or when it was going on,” he said. Well, someone was obviously coordinating details with the Tiger Woods mistresses on his behalf.

He's Tiger f*%king Woods. Mofo delegates. One can understand why he'd want to cover his buddy's a$$, but come ON. We know he worked Tiger's bone Rolodex.

Newly released texts and emails by Tiger’s porn star mistress Joslyn James show just that - Tiger’s best pal Bryon Bell knew what was going on, and knew when.

Bell planned it, after all, emailing her travel details and working out transportation for her, giving her his phone number and even offering her a lift personally.

Bryon Bell Picture

Bryon Bell: Tiger Woods' friend and Joslyn James sex coordinator.

"I’ll work out transportation. I will be in town so I may pick you up. Otherwise, I will have a car set up for you," he wrote Veronica Daniels (James' real name), from his work account at Tiger Woods Design, which he's president of.

Not as scandalous as the Tiger Woods text messages Joslyn James leaked last week, but another interesting step in her delayed mission to sabotage the golfer.

Not that anyone should be surprised. When Rachel Uchitel flew to Australia to meet Tiger - the affair that first exposed his cheating double life - it was Byron who made arrangements, which the National Enquirer ultimately got wind of it.

No word if he also did this for Tiger and Devon James.

Either way, the rest, as they say is sordid, hilarious history that keeps on unraveling. Follow the jump for one of Bryon Bell's emails with Joslyn James ...

Subject: Travel Info
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 16:38:46 -0400

Here are your travel details for next week.

US Airways (Passenger: Veronica Daniels)
Confirmation Number: BBSREG

Tuesday, May 1
Flight 702, Depart LAS at 11:25a, Arrive CLT at 6:34pm

Wednesday, May 2
Flight 1009, Depart CLT at 7:55pm, Arrive LAS at 9:49pm

I’ll work out transportation tomorrow. I will be in town so I may pick you up. Otherwise, I will have a car set up for you.  Here is my cell number if you have any problems.

Let me know when you receive this.


Bryon Bell
Tiger Woods Design


To WOOTE: Interesting suggestion... Nice to see Tiger officially in public dumped this horrible woman ... The only thing to add is whatever method Tiger used for this JJ, he SHOULD NOT pay her hush money... Reason is this type of whore of the whore will never go away, so even Tiger is rich, it is no point to pay several rounds of money... Besides, this JJ had done more than enough damage to Tiger and his family, so why pay people who had already hurt you enough.. I think this JJ strategy is to never go away so as to force Tiger to pay her, but Tiger, don't give in...this JJ should NOT be given even a dime... Just announce to the world that she was dumped and that she was a total waste of your time...


You know wctw, I just hope that there are people who have similar minds like us among their group of friends and not just people who will want the easy way out. Obviously, Tiger Woods and Elin did not choose the easy way out instead they accepted a challenging journey of building their marraige together. But believe me, it can happen as I am a living legacy of a family life that is almost brokent but never sorry why tried to make things work. I just hope that they continue to be strong. Tiger do not have to take pressure with interviews. He has to stick with what Elin has said and asked from him that he can prove how he has changed over over time. And they surely have lots of time to prove that because they are young. Its useless really to count how many gals were involved but the direction onwards and what they do with the present is what is more important. God be with this couple as they need Him a lot.


To allysa: I am really worried about Tiger and Elin as to whether they will be strong enough for this tough time ... For Tiger, I can't imagine how one can stand this amount of pressure... When he offered two 5 mins interview, guess what, some media can be that inhuman saying 5 mins is too little too late and Tiger should open up for 5 hours interview instead... People and meda are unfairly brutal with crazy demands as if they have every right to nose into others lives.. I can't imagine Tiger's pressure for his return golf tournament (media, golf permanance) in terms of all eyes are on him... For Elin, poor woman, she have her own set of challenges ahead of her and her pressure is just slightly less than Tiger..why slightly less, it is because people regard her as the victim and hence she got the empathy ...


Allyssa: I agreed with you totally... I think those people are ridiculous in nosing into every word and every stuff and worse still, all I can see is their attempt to look forward to seeing someone's family fall apart... How come people are that brutal these days ? Yes, if I am Tiger, when someone ask me whether other people are involved in my bad endeavour, I will say NO... I can assure you that Tiger is also not saying stuff for Nov car accident...why ? He doesn't want to hurt his wife...yet the media is horrible as if expecting a husband to condemn his wife ...


Now, what's his name, the New Zealander caddy for Tiger. He was the first one to say he knew nothing about Tiger's escapade. Now it sounds seriously like a smoke screen. He knew everything about and probably was a beneficiary of this wild sex craze.
Dig into it and uncover his lies.


who cares.....he is a manwhore, not news


Tiger lying ??? SHOCK


Yeah, yeah, Tiger Woods screws anything that moves, what's the big deal?

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