Britney Spears' Mom Moving In?

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Yes, they’re still together despite breakup rumors to the contrary.

But for Britney Spears and her agent boyfriend, Jason Trawick, nothing is ever simple. The latest hurdle? The singer's mom, Lynne, is moving in to her home.

It was a decision was made without Jason’s knowledge.

“He felt like he had absolutely no say,” says a source close to Jason Trawick. “But he let it slide because Brit’s mood improves by leaps and bounds when her mom is around, and besides, Lynne helps defusing fights between Brit and her dad.”

Run for it, J. While there's still time.

Britney and Jason Photo

Britney and Jason run the usual errands - coffee, cigs, etc.

THG NOTE: You can't spell train wreck without Trawick. That means absolutely nothing of consequence, but seriously! Just try it! It cannnot be done!


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i think they need to leave her along i used to like her but when she went crazy i stop like her i think the pazz's need to leave her along let her get help same for avril lavigne she neeeds help before she ends up like britney.


Its sad that people wont leave her alone. So what if she doesnt want to look like barbie every time she steps out of her house. She is living her life and people need to get over themselves and stop picking on her.


Grown woman needs a babysitter 24/7/365 and someone that is PAID to PRETEND and be her boyfriend. Britney will never ever be the superstar she once was. She can't even take care of herself. She is a joke. Karma has bit her hard and she deserves every thing that has happened to her. I'm sure Shar Jackson is loving this.


Some people spouting crap towards this woman need to worry about their own lives, rather than a person they can't stand and being all judgemental. She can wear and look what the hell she wants to, at least she isn't being FAKE.


I think britney is awesome, and ppl should mind their own business... but then these gossip sites and magazines would run out of money and stuff.



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