Britney Spears and Jason Trawick: It's Over!

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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick broke up last month.

This is sad, but not altogether unexpected news. The reason for the couple's split? Her daily cocktail of prescription drugs wore off long enough for her to realize that she is Britney Spears, and that she was dating Jason Trawick.

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Just kidding. The real reason? They just plain got tired of being together. "They were fighting a lot and have not been getting along," a source says of the two.

Thus, the 28-year-old pop princess is single again, with Jason Trawick ending his yearlong reign as her boyfriend and joining a long, esteemed list of Brit exes.

K-Fed, Jason, Justin, Adnan, J.R. & Co.: Give it up for your newest member!

BYE BYE BRITWICK: Jason and Britney had a good run.

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, where he works, confirmed Tuesday that Trawick is still representing Britney Spears, despite a romantic parting of ways.

Is there a chance they'll get back together after time apart? Spears and Trawick cooled off over the holidays in December, but rekindled the flame soon after.

He was rumored to be cheating on Britney soon after. Rumored.

The pair attended the Grammys together on January 31, and were last seen in public together on Valentine's Day at a McDonald's drive-thru in L.A. Romantic.

"They both just needed to take a break from each other," the Britney source says. "It wasn't working out." However, "a reconciliation remains on the table."

Should they get back together? Is Jason Trawick the right guy for her? If not, who should Britney Spears date next? Tell us in the comments!


They're lying. Jason and Britney are still together. On April 17th, they were seen together having fruit and chicken and then they went to have a massage. This was written in March and you say they broke up a month ago, in February. Well you're wrong cos they're still together


people you need seriously to forget about the britney and justin, it never gonna happen, i mean im a big britney fan but in my honest opinion justin is sooo above her, he would rather go out with a fresh woman than britney, her behaviour ended all chances of them getting back together,,,


LMFAO back together with Justin? Justin is way above her. Have you seen her in broad daylight lately? LMFAO. You people!


mcdonalds on valentines day? :L
she should go out with justin timberlake again :)


yeeeaaah you are soo right 'Moooni', Britney belongs with Justin!!!!
I really hope, that they'll be together soon !!!
You lov brit!


I'm new to this board.....just learning to navigate it.
I have a question about American Idol contestant, Crystal
Bowersox. Does anyone know WHAT Town in Ohio she comes from?
Thanks everyone.


Britney needs to date a manager at McDonald's so that she can get the hook up on some chicken nuggets anytime she wants. He also would make substantially more as a manager at McDonald's than most of her loser ex's.

Lindi dee lohan

i know britney well and she is a really lovelly person she does not deserves jerks screwwing with her head maybe i should tell her that she is better off on her own.


YEESS!!! Finallyy..... Britney belongs with Justin, i really hope that they'll get back together :/


Are you guys suggesting he drugged her? That's pretty defamatory and outrageous. Probably true, don't get me wrong, but defamatory and outrageous.

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