Brigitte Daguerre: Jesse James Mistress #3!

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Brigitte Daguerre claims to be Jesse James' third mistress.

At the same time, she abhors the term mistress, because she says her relationship with Sandra Bullock's husband was more of a flash in the pan than the others.

Photograph Us!

That's good to know, Brigitte Daguerre. Very good to know.

A Los Angeles photographer, she says Jesse hired her in '08 to do styling work (ha) for a West Coast Choppers photo shoot. She says the two emailed and texted each other for a year, but claims they only had sex four times before she cut it off.

Melissa Smith, by contrast, says she had a two-year fling with James. She's totally winning! Still, Daguerre has 195 text messages between her and Jesse James ...

Meet Brigitte Daguerre, the alleged Jesse James mistress. How many more of these women will come out of the woodwork before this fiasco ends? [Photo: TMZ]

The cell phone numbers of the two of them do sync up, and not unlike the Tiger Woods text messages to Joslyn James, many of them extremely graphic in nature.

In a tamer text, he says "I'll be your monkey." HOT! That's how the Vanilla Gorilla rolls, though. Dude goes ape when it comes to pieces on the side, or something.

Throughout the exchanges, Jesse repeatedly asks Daguerre to send pictures and set up rendezvous. In one exchange, Daguerre claimed Jesse wasn't letting loose.

He explains, "I'm texting you in secret!" Seriously, what do you want from the guy? Well, besides sex on his office couch, right Michelle McGee? Yep, we thought so.


Jesse James is a lousy pig.... And these women are nothing but TRASH... Pathetic nasty HOES...


Do we expect more than 3rd mistress alike Tiger Woods??? If it does, it will be worse and make me soo mad , I guess it will be make people who fans for Sandra, will be soooo mad. Im sorry, Sandra I love her so much and shes the best lady in the world. Jesse, look at Sandra who works soooo hard to fight courts for you, Jesse, How dare he is.. I lost my resptect for Jesse right now.


Although I like Sandra Bullock as an actress and she does conduct herself in a very respectable manner in public, I have to question her choice of men... a biker bad boy who was married to a porn star? Why not swim with pirrhana's... they're cute before they bite you. It's like people who raise tigers and find them all sweet and cuddly. NOT sound judgement. I hope she finds someone who can be trusted and deserves her devotion.


It looks like Jesse is really a "White Tiger" !


hey pak, you say that but clearly you and a ton of other people read it because it's entertaining. yes it is sad for sandra and i see your point that giving them attention is giving these losers what they want but come on, it's a hollywood blog, this is what people read on it


You know we just got finished with all of the Tiger Woods BS and now this. Is this how it's going to be now with any celeb or public figure that cheats? We have to sit thru a laundry list of cheap sleezy women trying to get their 15 minutes of fame? It's not like they are innocent little flowers in all of this so why make a fuss over them or give them media attention? I know, it sells. Morals are a thing of the past lately.

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