Bret Michaels and Donald Trump Gush Over Miley Cyrus

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As Justin Gaston and Liam Hemsworth can attest to, Miley Cyrus has always been a hit with older men.

But the same can now be said for dirty older man, as both Bret Michaels and Donald Trump (who can be seen together on the latest edition of Celebrity Apprentice when it debuts on March 14) have nothing but positive things to say about the singer.

"[She's a] young pop superstar who actually has the talent," said Michaels, who has collaborated with Miley on a creepy duet. "When you're a star like that you've got to take the lumps that come with it and form nerves of steel. The girl can sit down and play the guitar, the piano and sing... I think she's going to break through. I see that realness in her as a musician."

Couple's Stroll

Hold on tightly, Liam Hemsworth. You aren't the only older guy pining over Miley Cyrus.

Added Trump:

"I don't know Miley but I think she's really got the It factor... She is fantastic. I watched her on one of the talk shows and, I mean, she is like a 30-year-old woman."

Would Trump consider Cyrus for a future installment of Celebrity Apprentice?

"I'd love to," he said. "Wouldn't that be nice?"

You tell us, readers: Would that be nice? Should reality TV be Miley's next destination?


I think miley should be on reality tv, cause shes like awesome!


What's up with dudes sunglasses and unbuttoned shirt? Is he trying out for CSI Miami? Shanyia: Please stop typing your verbal spewage. Your grammar is that of a 3 year old and nobody really cares about your hate filled and jealous opinions about Miley Cyrus.


miley is a bitch she is a hore and she needs to make up her dammmmm mind She's a white she devil


i sorry but i dont not mean it just pick the one you love the most he could be the one


get teeth bitch


i never like her sorry but i only like your songes you ho i like lily but not you


i dont like the pic .,., sorry miley


With the super- smash hit Hannah Montana,
having a super-famous dad,and manager/ mom who keeps you grounded,
hit movies,sold out shows,hit records,
a marketing empire that has your face as advertisement,
knowing who you are,and remaining sane in the entertainment arena,
all this under the age of 18.
Miley Cyrus already has her own reality show.


give bret a rest he already battled so many things like his medical battle. now thg this low for u to want to bash on a almost dying guy. now he is a good guy and trump like miley will give grandpas a chance

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