Boy George Tweets Affection for Adam Lambert

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The flamboyant torch was passed in London last night.

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    Written like a true jealous and bitter fan of the almost ignored "winner".

    Your desperate rants are quite funny in their despicable small mindedness and ignorance though. You really should consider comedy as a career.


    for_real_tho says: "the absolute blind obsession some people have with this artist is just psychotic"

    That's where you're wrong, dude - it's not blind obsession but eyes-wide-open obsession. People who "get" Adam see exactly who he is and love him for it. Nothing blind about it. If you don't like Adam, that's fine. But you need to consider whether it may be you who is blind. Everyone who meets him basically falls in love with him, because he is incredibly warm, sweet, kind, funny, and interesting.

    Even if the obsession were "blind" in a particular person, that would not make that person "psychotic". You obviously have no clue what psychosis means.


    I would love for the two Divas to do a duet together. Glad that Boy George is backon the scene!!!!!


    I would love for the two Divas to do a duet together. Glad that Boy George is backon the scene!!!!!


    "It's like having a cactus, a little pet cactus"


    Boy George is amazing, check out his facebook page


    uhhhhh, how does not liking one artist's music make an entire nation "backwards and vile"....that is such a crazy statement, it nullifies any attempt at making any point in your message.....the absolute blind obsession some people have with this artist is just psychotic and tends to lead them down a path of unreasonable, narrowminded views, statements and attacks on those that do not agree with them.....Not everyone is going to like this guy's music, as with any must learn to deal with it, as I am not alone.....I just choose to defend myself when attacked by jerks that think I have no right to voice my opinion....


    Miss you in the U.S.A. Adam. Sorry that we are such a biased and verbally abusive country to human beings who are non conformists and truly know how to embrace their uniqueness. Glad you are having so much fun!!


    So happy. It's pure magic to see these two standing together.
    Hopefully Boy Goerge could go back to track again. He's very talented.
    I so want Adam to meet Micharel Jackson. What a pity it didn't come true because MJ...


    It's exciting to see these two talented men in the same room! I think a collaboration could be pretty awesome.

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