Beyonce: Not Pregnant at All

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Despite reports surfacing last week that Jay-Z got Beyonce pregnant, Knowles is not. Whatever "rock solid source" people quoted apparently wasn't so solid.

A publicist for her label, Sony, tells Rolling Stone as much.

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Contrary to celebrity gossip stating that she was “fine and resting now,” that she would “continue working through her pregnancy,” and that Jay-Z is “extremely happy to be having his first child,” a publicist for Sony says the report is simply “untrue.”

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have long been guarded about her lives.

Despite the fact that they are two of the most successful artists of a decade - the pair recently topped a Forbes list of entertainment’s top-earning couples - even after they wed in April 2008, they kept their relationship extremely quiet.

So don't expect any baby press conferences when and if she actually is with child, which she's not now. Congratulations to the two anyway ... for being so awesome.


its not time to have a baby. i love you so much. your career in skyrocketing and a baby might just slow it down.


how the fuck do you people know who are in the occult? First of all I'm not even american I some of those signs that Jay-Z have in his videos are from american stuff like the american dollar has on the eye i'm not american and I know that you people need to stop pointing fingers unless you have solid proof that they are dealing with the occult and who are you to judge? only God can judge and who the hell are you to say the beyonce spread her legs for everyone? are you the bed and the sheets are you there when this goes down? oh boy u people will not make it in the Court of law at all with all this heresay mm-hmm


i hope u are not having a baby because u are my roll model and u are a very good person and i love all of your songs


who the hell cares ? i mean, the way girlfriend spreads those legs in almost EVERYTHING, youd think she would of had a kid by now


Jay-Z and beyonce child. Wow I hope whatever it is pretty.All I can say is wow.


I cant stand you people who keep calling them illuminati and Free Masons FIRST OF ALL, the "perspective" view of the 2 groups would mean that the 2 groups would never be around each other. second neither are evil so it doesnt fucking matter


Whoah! This is the first that I heard that they are cultist! Tell me more!


dnt really care about them.they are both cultist.jayz- free masonary and illuminati puppet beyonce

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