Ben Roethlisberger Accuser Described as "Hysterical"

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The woman accusing Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault has been questioned by officials and described as hysterical when doing so, Milledgeville, Ga., police say.

Ben's accuser - the second such claim against him in less than a year - arrived at the P.D. with three other women, according to a source at the police department.

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She was extremely emotional and looked like she had been crying for hours. The woman's identity is being withheld, which is protocol with alleged sex offenses.

Ben's agent, Ryan Tollner, said Friday, "we are skeptical of motive."

Similar allegations, different name and place for Big Ben.

But the police source said for whatever it's worth, Ben's accuser "did not look like" a girl who was making it up. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has not been charged with a crime, nor was he in the incident that came to light in 2009 with Andrea McNulty, of Reno, Nev.


the rape kit didn't come back negative jack ass chuck you must be a fuckin retarded inbred she had scrapes bruising and scratches the tape got erased the pittsburg rapist's just have good lawyers or at least ben rapistberger does he's got the same lawyer who got ray lewis off for murder he's a little bit better than some public prosecutor from the hills how about lookin at the facts you fucking idiot this mother fucker did it and when he goes to hell it will be big ben taking a pineapple up the ass right along with hitler


Now that the rape exam has come back negative, I want to know the name of this lying whore. I want to know her background and whether or not she has made other false accusations against innocent men. This garbage should not be allowed to hide behind a veil of anonymity while her victim(s) suffer in public!


Here is the deal! If you are a franchise qb you need franchise qb lawyers! Trust me small towns like Millegeville GA would love to bring down a big athlete like Ben! At least the DA would for a resume builder and publicity. I don't believe that Ben goes to these clubs and hangs around these young girls when there are alot more mature women out there that he could have. In that aspect, he is an idiot! Don't think for one minute that she and every other woman didn't know about Ben's prior allegations of the rape in Tahoe. Why not get a little piece of the pie? Just because ben didn't kiss her on the way out the door doesn't mean that he assulted her. Lets see if this PA in Millegeville is willing to try his hand at failure, I doubt it!


Rape is not about sex, it is about power. A rapist does not attack women to have sex, he wants complete submission. The act of rape does not in any way have anything to do with the looks or attractive capabilities of the rapist. IOW, good looking Ted Bundy had lots of girls approach him to help, he didn't want to go to a secluded area to have sex, he wanted to rape and murder them. WHY? because he was a scumbag.


I agree with Denise!
IF the girl had a boyfriend left the club totally fine, the DRAMA is what happened AFTERWARD.
THE MOMENT OF CLARITY. If she had a boyfriend in this small community word would get back to him that his GF was a SLUT and went into the BATHROOM with BIG BEN. THIS STORY IS OLD its happened before with women who are in trouble with parents for missing curfew, or husbands, or Boyfriends. MAYBE it was one of the gf's there that put on the guilt trip, maybe sober this chick final saw she was going to be labeled in this town as a hoochie, slut, tramp whatever.


to djw0232 i totally agree with you


ok this is my philosophy why would Ben have to sexually assault and girls, for god sakes look at the man, i'm sure he can get any girl he wants. i think Andrea McNulty is a gold digger. who waits a whole year to come out and accuse someone of rape? and this new girl i think she will wind up just going after his money to.. she has a boyfriend and i think someone found out she had sex with Ben and didn't want to get caught so she made this whole story up. but thats just my opinion


Same as Kobe. Big score...big paycheck..big ego. Society's too desensitized to sexual assault. Wake up, people. Celebrities commit crimes, sexually assault girls and boys because they can afford attorneys who get them out of it. Have any of you seen Ben in Philly nightclubs? it's pathetic.


I was a Big Ben fan, love the Steelers, but this has nothing to do with the man and these latest accusations. I find it utterly bewildering why, if he is innocent, he has a high profile defense lawyer and his two bodyguards (both police officers) now have their own lawyers, and its just a matter of time before his 'entourage' of lawyers and private investigators wage a campaign against his accuser. Best offense is a defense, right? The fact that he denied the allegations at the onset, and now admits to sexual contact but she 'fell' and hit her head is enough for me. He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Look at what VA did to M Vick, over dogs? This girl is a human being. It will be interesting to see what kind of justice the public demands she gets.


I live in Steeler nation and I have always been a big fan of Ben. BUT having said that I am concerned about why he seems compelled to go to teeny bopper bars and hang out with young immature girls that seem only to want fame and fortune from a famous athlete. I am in no means defending Ben's stupid and immature behavior, I think that Ben if these accusations are true needs to pay the piper just like any other person would under the same situation and circumstances. NO Special treatment just because you can throw a football well. And if it comes to pass that this girl is lying then she to needs to be prosecuted for false allegations and do the time for her crime. Equal justice under the law. So before we go and smear either one of these people's names let us get the facts and then proceed with whatever justice is necessary.

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