Ben Roethlisberger Accuser: 20-Year-Old Student

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The Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault accuser is a 20-year-old college student who claims that the NFL star assaulted her in a bathroom of a Georgia nightclub.

Police are withholding her identity, as is customary with sexually based offenses (or allegations thereof). The incident took place at a club called "Capital City."

Officials have interviewed both the Ben Roethlisberger accuser and the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback since that night but no charges have been filed ... yet.

"He was initially interviewed by our officers. We had a situation where we weren't able to get hold of everybody at the same time," a police spokesman said. "He was released with his party and then we took care of our victim who was at the hospital."

Roethlisberger has retained prominent Atlanta criminal lawyer Edward T.M. Garland, who also defended Ray Lewis, to represent him in the sexual assault case.

If nothing else, Ben Roethlisberger is guilty of poor judgment.

In brief remarks to the media yesterday, Garland said simply that "no sexual assault took place" and that the facts of the case support that, plain and simple.

"The facts show that there was no criminal activity. No sexual assault occurred," the attorney said, emphasizing that "Ben is completely innocent of any crime."

Between this girl and Andrea McNulty, Ben now has as many sexual assault accusers as Super Bowl rings. Yes, disclaimers are needed, as he was never charged in the McNulty case either, and these charges might be totally groundless.

However, does anyone remember the Duke lacrosse team? When you're a celebrity and public figure, that provides one many perks, but also requires restraint.

We're not saying Ben assaulted anyone. We're saying he's kind of an idiot, though, for not exercising better judgment. Crashing college bars, dude? Seriously?

Behaving with reckless abandon, no matter your intent, is bound to land you in trouble when you're a rich, powerful and physically huge individual. Think about it.


I think Big Ben paid this girl off,lets face it there was dna but they could not tell whose it was, come on they have no problem finding out in rape cases where the person is not famous. I thionk it is a total disgrace that these high profile athletes think they can do anything they want and get away with it. I also say who does Big Ben think he is that he can go into a restuarant and think he does not have to pay. I think maybe he needs a chip knocked off his shoulder. I sure dont want my kids to be like him.


Big Ben Did NOT assualt her. Why should he have to. He is better than that. The goob keeps himself in bad situations. But if I ever run into him. I guarantee that he would be assualted by me. And some girls like anal.


Not many police officers on or off duty hang out in the Ladies room. Famous people fucking college chicks in public bathrooms merit getting thrown under a bus, he's actually been lucky so far. At best, he's a fucking idiot.


Don't you thin if he went into the bathroom late at night in a night club there would be witnesses? The two friends that Ben was with were off duty police offers. One of which did not have anything to drink that night. So in a college bar late, late at night Ben quitely snuck his 6'5 body into the bathroom nd tried to penetrate a young girl. I ther were no witnesses I say it didn't happen. I read they were in a VIP area with other people whenit supposedly occured. Dumbass Ben has just left himself open to be a target.


Big Ben is either a boorish egotist who thinks every woman automatically wants to sleep with him..OR He puts himself in the wrong places at the wrong time, drinks too much and lets himself be taken advantage of by publicity seekers. Either way, he appears pretty stupid.


One would hope that someone who has such a great career, is 28 years old, and has a heck of a lot to lose would not put his livelihood at risk by going into the ladies room for sex with a 20 year old.... whether it was consensual or not. The guy is a colossal dumbass. He's not the 1st and certainly won't be the last. I've heard that this latest incident may have some actual teeth. Supposedly this chick ran screaming from the ladies room into the street and either called or flagged down a cop immediately. This is not some dumb broad waiting a year to file after the fact. Either she was really thinking on her feet for the lawsuit, or this scumbag is looking at real trouble, i.e., he did assault her. Either way, expect a civil case to be settled out of court ala Kobe Bryant whether or not criminal charges or filed.


I am a pittsburgher through and through and a huge supporter of the pittsburgh steelers since i was in diapers. these accusations against ben is wrong. i have hung out in the same places as ben and he is normal a normal guy. so you girls need to stop acting like sluts and get it together THESE FOOTBALL PLAYERS ARE NOT YOUR MEAL TICKET EVEN THE ONES WHO ARE MARRIED and remeber it takes two to tango!!!!!


When you add Ben's 2006 helmet-less motorcycle accident into the mix of two sexual assault allegations within a year, this is the third offseason in five years the Pittsburgh quarterback has made the wrong kind of headlines and given reason to question his thinking, and his actions. Whether he likes it or not, Roethlisberger is the face of the Steelers franchise. And these days, that face is not a very attractive one for Pittsburgh to put out there front and center. Perhaps all that acclaim and success so early in his NFL career, the 14-1 rookie season and two Super Bowl championships in his first five seasons, served to make him believe he's bullet-proof. He wouldn't be the first star athlete to think the rules didn't apply, and to find out only too late that some of them most definitely do.


He makes a lot of money. He didn't do anything. people are just trying to get his money from him


How can a guy have sexual assault charges in Nevada? Prostitution there is legal and confidential. This guy isn't just stupid, he's cheap too, & its costing him big time.


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