Audrina Patridge in FHM: Hot or Not?

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We're not really sure if Audrina Patridge is famous anymore, or whether people want to see pictures of her, but we found these shots from FHM, so here you go!

The generally likable, mostly harmless star of The Hills shows off her enormous boobs and even more disproportional forehead in April's issue of the magazine.

This is pretty much what she's known for, wearing bikinis, posing in magazines and dating a lot of random dudes (most recently alleged singer Ryan Cabrera).

Okay, enough talk. Here's the cover:

FHM: Hereby known as Fake Hills Magazine.

Eh, we're sort of over it. Not that she isn't a cute girl, and we're sure she's probably really nice, but if you've seen 19 Audrina bikini spreads, you've seen 'em all.

We're also unsure if she's attractive or not. You be the judge. Take a closer look. Click to enlarge more pictures of Audrina Patridge and see what you think ...

An Audrina Bikini Pic
An Audrina Bikini Picture
Topless Audrina Patridge Picture
Weird Audrina Pic

[Photos: FHM]


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I guess I am gay and blind because I don't find these pics attractive, but I am a girl so maybe that is why. I think they look overly photoshopped because she doesn't look natural at all. Especially the leopard bikini, her torso is a mile long and the silver suit her upper body looks strange. Her face is not pretty, and her eyes are hauntingly scary. So again, I am in the minority I guess. Plus, those aren't her real breasts so the pics aren't really "real".


shes adorable. I think Brittish have the best mosel for the cover, Audrina is so pretty


I don't understand the question? Hot or not? Of course she's hot in these photos. If someone says otherwise then they are either blind or gay or both.


Anyone can put a bikini on and get noticed. Unfortunately for Audrina, who probably wears a bikini under her close at all times just in case someone still gives a shit, I would be more interested to see a walrus in a bathing suit! Then at least you can laugh instead of feeling pity for the damn thing!


Audrina Patridge Biography

Audrina Patridge in a Bikini
Audrina Patridge stars on The Hills. Maybe you recognize Audrina Patridge from that show ... or from those hot nude pics that surfaced... More »
Yorba Linda, California
Full Name
Audrina Cathleen Patridge

Audrina Patridge Quotes

[The role is] giving me the chance to show people [what I can do]. This is why I moved to L.A.

Audrina Patridge [on snagging a movie role]

Lauren Conrad [on a random Les Deux club-goer]: He thinks I like him.
Audrina Patridge: He thinks you like him?
Lauren Conrad: Seriously, I never wanted to stab myself in the eye more.