American Idol Stars of the Week: Crystal Bowersox on "Bobby McGee," Lee DeWyze on "The Letter"

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The 11 finalists all gave it their best shot, but performances by Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze stood out the most on Tuesday night's American Idol.

Showing why she's been a favorite to become the ninth American Idol winner since her first audition, Crystal channeled her inner Janis Joplin last night.

Bowersox's performance of "Me & Bobby McGee," mentored by none other than Miley Cyrus, is even being called better than the original by some fans.

That may be a stretch ... or is it? Check it out and see ...

Once again, socks were knocked off by Crystal Bowersox. Some weeks, it's like she's in a class by herself and everyone else is angling to be runner-up.

Lee DeWyze held his own Tuesday, however. In one of the night's top covers of Billboard #1 hits, the Chicago product rocked the Box Tops' "The Letter."

Follow the jump to see Lee's performance of the song ...

[video url="" title="Lee DeWyze: The Letter"] [/video]

What do you think? Was Lee's American Idol performance on par with Crystal? Can anyone derail the Bowersox express? Comment away!

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Lee is real.
He deserved to win.
Crystal was fake through out the whole show.
Best of luck Lee.
I know you will do great because you are real and keep, it real.
Love your voice.


Way to go Lee.
You are one of the few real people that have ever been on the American Idol stage. Love your voice.
Crystal is to fake to be an idol.
You deserve to win Lee keep real and you will do great things with your music career.


Lee is real. He deserved to win. Crystal was fake through out the whole show. Best of luck Lee. I know you will do great because you are real and keep it real. Love your voice.


Lee has been the best since the very beginning. His voice is unbelievable!! I think Sinatra night really proved this, I got chills. I also think Harry felt the same way. By the way, Harry Connick Jr. is the very best mentor that idol has ever had.


Ooooops! That comment was meant for Teddi - not RB.


Robert Bob - That's exactly what I kept saying last season about Adam Lambert ... but, unfortunately, we have to wait and see what surprises the teeny-bopper girls and the world's worst voting system have in store for us. (Combine the two - little girls who have nothing better to do than stay on the phone for hours, voting ... and ludicrous, unlimited voting, which apparently only benefits the telephone company ... and you often have an undemocratic, nonsensical, disastrous "Idol.")


Well this is the first time Lee got a really good report card, he's been sort of a hanger-oner. Crystal is good! No argument. But watch Siobhan she is also good! And a strong contender. She's gotten a good report card from judges all along (and from the audience from their response in applause etc. Thanks rb


I wish they would just make Crystal the winner NOW! Stop wasting our time, and send the rest of these poorly talented so-called singers home then we could listen to Crystal all the time. Hear this: IF CRYSTAL BOWERSOX DOES NOT WIN I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS STUPID SHOW AGAIN!!!


Lee is one of the best, but he doesn't come anywhere close to Crystal. Especially last week; his performance of the very overdone "The Letter" was lounge lizardy and corny. Crystal's "Me and Bobby McGee" was absolutely off the map. She is head and shoulders above the rest, and if she doesn't win, something is wrong with the taste of America.


Lee and Crystal are my favorites of this season. Crystal already is far and away in a league of her own. Lee just needs to let go and relax. But, in terms of which artist I'd buy a CD from, it'd be Lee. I absolutely love his voice....the tone, the weight (for lack of better word), and the emotion are incredible. I hope it comes down to the two of them in the finale.