American Idol Performance of the Week: Siobhan Magnus' "Paint it Black"

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Some fans were floored by it, and others weren't impressed, but it's safe to say that 19-year-old Siobhan Magnus' rendition of "Paint it Black" was definitely the most buzzed-about of this week's 12 American Idol performances.

The judges loved it, though Simon even acknowledged that a lot of people are likely to dislike her flamboyant style. That's a compliment, as it beats indifference.

We gotta give it up to Siobhan Magnus for upping the drama, paying tribute to this Rolling Stones classic, yet being original and keeping us riveted throughout.

Here's the performance if you missed it or want another look ...

What do you think? The night's best, or not worth the hype some gave it? Can Siobhan compete for the American Idol title or will she fade fast?


I've liked Siobhan since auditions. She's quirky and different but with an amazing voice and real "performance ability". Too many top 12 stood in one spot and sang their songs - Siobhan commanded the stage, used all of it, and I could see the reason for the Adam Lambert references not so much in the high notes as in the care she obviously took in staging the song, in terms of her position, lighting, creativity, using the stage for full effect. Fantastic performance and can't wait to see what she does, week after week.


She was definitely incredible. I thought no one would choose that number, it seems more like a chant. But then I thought 'Siobhan might.' Well she took it on Nailed It. It was like acarnival ride thru spellbound. To me, she sang an almost un-singable song.She kept the mood, the tune the lyrics all perfect..the rest she owned. The voice and what she's trained it to do, turn on a dime, cool sea breeze, or fiery brushfire energy and style. Voted over a hundred times....


She needs to work on those high notes, she's no adam lambert.

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