American Idol Finalists: Party Time!

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While fans argue about the final 12 on American Idol (Paige Miles over Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott? Really?!?), this season's recently-named finalists attended a party in their honor last night.

Matt Giraud, Scott MacIntyre and past contestants were also on hand, as were Cory Monteith and members of the Glee cast.

But the event was all about Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche and company. That pair of singers, two of the only contenders in an otherwise mediocre field, celebrated with an airplane ride at the shindig:

Big Mike and Crystal

Click on the photos below for more looks at the finalists posing on the red carpet:

Casey Pic
Pic of Lacey Brown
Timmy U.
Paige Photo
Big Mike Photo
Didi Photo
Pic of Andrew Garcia
Kelly, Aaron
Photo of Katie Stevens

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As a group, maybe they are not as strong as prior years, but there are individuals who are as good as any there has been on the show. For me, Siobhan Magnus is a must watch contestant. I like her "quirkiness", she can sing and she has the goods as a singer and performer.


This is the worst group of finalists ever to hit the Idol stage. The judges should be ashamed of themselves for picking some of them in the first place. I guess they want to end Idol, cause this group can cause me to change the channel, and I know I am not alone.


I relly like LacyBrown!!!!I love how she sings!!!!And timmy too!!!


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