Ali Fedotowsky Named The Bachelorette!

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As we've predicted for weeks, the lovely Ali Fedotowsky was announced as the next star of The Bachelorette on last night's "After the Final Rose" reunion special.

The foregone conclusion was announced in the hour of filler following The Bachelor season finale, during which star Jake Pavelka somehow picked Vienna Giradi.

Ali Fedotowsky was a fan favorite on The Bachelor and made Jake's final four, but left of her own accord following a successful hometown date in Massachusetts.

Ostensibly, she left because she feared losing her job at Facebook. In reality, she may have been angling (or being groomed) for The Bachelorette spot all along.

Regardless, she made a passionate, likely contrived plea to return to The Bachelor, but Jake shot her down, saying he'd gotten too close to the remaining girls.

Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka

Spurned by Jake Pavelka, but also by her own dubious reasons for leaving The Bachelor in the first place, Ali Fedotowsky will get another chance to find love on reality TV.

So there was Jake's one-time front-runner, broken up and out of luck. Until she quit her job (her last day was Friday) for an even better reality TV opportunity.

 "I'm flattered and I really feel great," she told Chris Harrison, who will again serve as host-pimp. "I am so thrilled and honored and grateful. I can't believe it."

"I'm not going to let fear dictate my life anymore," Ali said of her past apprehension this season. Mike Fleiss dictating it? That she's apparently all good with.

What do you think of the decision? Are you a card-carrying member of Team Ali, or would you have preferred Tenley Molzahn or somebody new all together?

Will Ali make a good Bachelorette?


ughhh Ali sucks!!! She is the sh*t starter on the show, shes mean and very insecure....I wanted to watch Gia as the next one...Gia was actually a sweet girl and deserves to be happy. Hope Ali picks a loser so they can share their nasty comments together...


MOM you hush your mouth when the adults are talking okay? Ali displayed nothing but manipulative abusive behavior and spent most of her time on the show trying to get everyone to behave the same way. BOO to abc for selecting her as the new bachelorette and iam extremely confident that you will have the lowest viewership for the show ever. And absolutely count me out as I dont wish to spend the next couple of months watching someone putting on a show when everyone in america witnessed the real Ali. the only reason she was selected is because Tenley passed up the opportunity and while her behavior was not that much better, she definitely would have attracted more viewers.


We only know what ABC has revealed and making judgements on incomplete information leads to snarky comments. Be nice.


Ali is Mean, not worthy to get her own did this happen? I won't watch next season either...


EXACTLY HUGGS!! LOL, I thought the same thing, all of the sudden she's miss nicey nice and AVAILABLE for the show??? WTH??
ALI IS a bitch!! She was FULL of SH** apologizing because she knew she was in contention for the batchelorette!


to HiltonHater - ugh I just hate seeing grown people wail and moan - and with a nick like hiltonhater I wouldnt talk too much crap if i were you. Just MHO =). Good day!


Ali was a big bitch on the show...she is a drama queen & shit starter....anyone that gets stuck with her better get ready for a miserable life, full of ragging on everyone that crosses her path and picking fights with everyone she is intimidated by...yuck!!


@Huggs: Really? You've never taken someone back? Or had a friend do that? You're sitting on your couch, apparently taking The Bachelor seriously, and judging Molly for HER actions?!?


Isn't it funny that Ali had to leave because of her job, yet now it doesn't matter because she is the bachelorette. BAD CHOICE....i would rather have seen anyone but her. Won't watch it. Plus not watching Jason and Molly's wedding they both deserve each other. Jason is a skank for dumping Melissa on live TV and Molly is just as bad for taking him back.

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