Alberto Alvarez: Dr. Conrad Murray Stopped CPR on Michael Jackson to Hide Propofol

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Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez is making a shocking accusation against Dr. Conrad Murray, saying the doc halted CPR on Michael Jackson to hide vials of Propofol.

Alvarez, who called 911, told cops months after Jackson's death that Dr. Murray hid bottles of Propofol in a closet so that family and police wouldn't find them.

He told police he saw Dr. Murray running around the room hiding Propofol bottles in a closet near the room where the doctor administered the drug to Jackson.

This adds fuel to a prosecution theory that he covered up evidence.

According to Alvarez, Dr. Murray stopped doing CPR and handed Alvarez drug vials, instructing him to put them in a bag. Alvarez says he saw an IV in Jackson's leg.

He notes that Dr. Conrad Murray took Propofol vials and told Alvarez to put them in a plastic bag, then told Alvarez to put the plastic bag inside a canvas bag.

Alvarez also says Murray told him to remove the IV that contained a white milky substance (Propofol) in another canvas bag. Where the bags went is unclear.

Bad Doc

Jackson's mouth and eyes were wide open but there was no sign of life. He was taken to the UCLA Medical Center where he was pronounced dead on June 25.

Alvarez also says that MJ's kids, Prince Michael and Paris, entered the room and cried as they watched Murray administer mouth-to-mouth on the lifeless star.

And there's this: After Jackson died, Murray said he needed to go back to the mansion to get cream Jackson had "so the world wouldn't find out about it."

Sources connected with Murray's defense say he hid nothing. Authorities found bottles of the anesthetic in what looks like a secret compartment of the closet.

Those sources say Alvarez's statement came two months after Jackson died and directly contradicts what the bodyguard told the police the day of MJ's death.

Murray sources say Alvarez never said anything about hiding Propofol at the scene. Dr. Murray told cops two days later where Propofol bottles could be found.

Law enforcement sources believe Murray connected a large bottle directly into the IV and a massive amount, which entered Jackson's system and killed him.


Most Americans think that terrorist are a GROUP of people, BUT we have American Haters killing Americans ONE PERSON AT A TIME. THEY ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN ANY OF THE OTHER TERRORIST. Especially doctors who harbor hatred and contempt for Americans and American Society.


Just the idea of a patient dying in your care,and you do not talk to the family to inform them of the reason that a member has passed,and instead you skip town.Michael may have been living in a mansion,but he ended up in the laboratory of a "mad scientist".


Jane Velez-Mitchell will be talking about Michael Jackson and drugs tonight on her show "Issues." She also knows all about addiction because she is a recovering alcoholic.


This doctor is so vile. He deserves to lose his abilty to practice medicine and egt thrown in jail. he was so negligent with michael life. How can a doctor be stuoid to totally disregard the oath he took and do something so unethical such as giving someone anesthesia to sleep at home without the proper equipment. Murray is a LIAR, i think michael was dead long before murray called 911. murray delayed because he was trying to cover his ass, he knew he was in trouble. this doctor didn't even sign the death certificate and he hasn't even said a word to the family, he is sick.

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