Adam Lambert Rocks Out, Glams Up in Tokyo

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Like Godzilla before him, Adam Lambert took over Tokyo this week. But there was no violence and no deaths in his wake. Just screaming fans.

The singer glammed it up like we all love Club Eleven on Monday night. Check out photos of classic Adam below:

Up Close with Adam
  • In Tokyo
  • Adam in Japan
  • Classic Lambert
  • Big in Tokyo
  • Rocking Out in Japan

Click on each above image to enlarge it. We figure this might take a few hours for most dedicated followers... but when you're finished ogling, check out a video of Adam's performance below.

How awesome is this guy?!?

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Some of Kaulitz' fans must be terrified that Lambert is going to upstage him. I've begun seeing posts everywhere comparing the two. Kaulitz fans - how come the Lambert fans don't feel like they have to compare the two? I don't think they're scared, why are you?


Who is Bill whatever? Why would Adam copy this unknown???? enlighten me please.


LoL Seems Adam Lambert is trying to morph into Bill Kaulitz


Dis dude is over rated.....i rily dnt get wat pple see , all i see is a pre-op tranny with a great offence 2 trans


is he turning into Bill Kaulitz??? o_____O


Adams CD is platinum in Canada, it won't be long before he is platinum in US and Australia and New Zealand where he is gold. A superstar on the rise. He is the best new artist to come along in decades!!!


Dayum he is sexy. DAYUM!!!


ianaleah: Who is Bill and why should we care what he does? This discussion is about Adam.


He looks incredible! He is most amazing!


My opinion: The dancers ruined the number,but Adam sang perfectly.The dancers weren't any good, and their costumes were sleezy not sexy. It's not entertaining to see someone's buttocks pointing at the camera-yuk. BTW, Adam's interview was fantasic, some new questions, and he looked more handsome than he dd in his stage makeup. Actually, when he is in a glam outfit, he overdoes the makeup.Bill of Tokio Hotel got it right, the hair and eyemake up and nothing more. That is sexy not clownish. Adam is already gorgeous-on AI, that us when he looked perfectly smokin hot, anything more than that & it goes downhill. But the costumes are fun and he has a terrific physique. Definitely.