Adam Lambert Cops to Past Drug Use, Curiosity About Women

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Adam Lambert is off to Great Britain.

The American Idol finalist is pretty much a stranger to that country, so News of the World - one of that nation's leading supermarket tabloids - interviewed Lambert the month before he makes his first overseas appearance there.

Describing him as "Lad Gaga" for his "outspoken attitudes" and "rauncy routines," the unreliable source spoke to the singer in NYC and asked him if he'd ever sleep with a woman.

"I find women beautiful and I have been known to make out with girls at parties, especially when there is alcohol involved," Adam said, days after his publicize kiss with Ke$ha. "I am a pretty open-minded person and I would have sex with a woman... anything is possible because I am really comfortable with sexuality generally."  

This isn't the first time Lambert has spoken about his curiosity over women. We could think of a few (million) fans that wouldn't mind showing Adam what he's been missing.

Delving into his adolescence, the tabloid also asked Lambert about influences such as Boy George and David Bowie. During this line of questioning, the singer's past drug use came out. He said:

"I went wild and I was experimenting with certain substances... At 26, I started running with hippies, going to underground events, I was really drawn to that crowd, everyone embraced each others differences.

There are certain drugs out there that are really fun and recreational and can mean a good time. I'm not an advocate for drugs, but it is all rock and roll and we are all adults."

More honesty from the star. Some might criticize him for this admission, others will simply admire him more.

Where do you stand?

P.S. For a look at a recent Lambert performance, acoustic style, see below.



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hell yeah


Although it's better to throw comments on here rather in protests like have been done before,people really need to remember Adam is a real human being,I really think many people forget that fact,they see stars as different to themselves.


I've seen comments like these before and they didn't end well. i just want to express my opinion, if you like Adam Lambert, keep it that way.. and if you don't, keep it that way. i think it's better than throwing bad comments to somebody else. we're not better that each other.. Adam chooses his own action, he does what he wants not what you want.. if you want to give bad comments about Adam, you're welcome.. but do not attack anybody else who might love Adam,(or who might not).. nic


Nancy-well said!!!.He's in Aussie at the moment and an interview just aired that he did for us Kiwi's,he is so polite,funny,honest and very grateful for the oppitunities he has been given since Idol.
I saw the Utube clip of Adam at the LA school(donorschoose)and even though he lost his place in the song,he laughed and didn't make a big deal out of it(the kids hit the wrong note for him to start on or something)he just waited and then continued,then the mic failed and yet once again he didn't stop the kids from playing,he waited drumming the beat on his leg smiling until it was fixed.Now that is somebody with a heart.He gives and gives to fans and the community so I don't understand the crap he gets thrown at him.So he's gay or bi,so what??he's a nice person,and that's what should matter.


By the way, Cindy, YOU were the one who "cast the first stone" - at Adam Lambert. Just because he was born homosexual, you think you are justified in calling him "immoral", "sick", and "disgusting". He is none of those things. He is a beautiful, self-respecting gay man, who is proud of who he is and what he has achieved - as well he should be. He is humble, caring, kind, and unfailingly courteous and generous to others. He has inspired many people with his talent, his generosity, and his positive outlook on life; you could learn some important lessons from him concerning what morality is all about. (Hint: it's not about sex or sexual orientation; it's about how you treat other people and helping, not hurting others. Homosexuality hurts no one; bigotry and hatefulness does.)


Cindy you idiot,Adam HAS recovered from the AMAs,and he doesn't have anything to apologise for.
What Nancy has been posting to you is all correct.
It was very obvious Adam was gay even in Idol,and there were pics all over the internet of him in drag and kissing men,so the so called shock and discust from close minded people is just pathetic.
It's Adam Lambert,of course he was going to be over the top(at the AMAs)and out there...just the way I like it and expect from this man,and so do many millions of fans.
And no,i'm not gay,i'm just not pigheaded,close minded or a homophobe.I'm a mum of 2 girls and they listen to him all the time and watch him on tv.There are worse singers they could be listening to(rap,that manson dude etc etc).


It is evident you find sexual suggestiveness (after all, there were no actual sex acts performed on stage) "disgusting" only when it is done by a gay man, but not when it is done by a straight woman or man. Sexual themes pervade our culture - on TV, in movies, in newspapers and magazines, in art and in music. Sex is not the enemy, and it is not going to go away. Better get used to it. A gay man has as much right to be sexually expressive as anyone else.


You can call me names all day long. It still doesn't change how disgusting and appaling Adams behavior is on stage. Common sense and decency says ' keep your sex life private'. He lacks both, making him a disgraceful human being. Its really that simple you moron.


Cindy, it is your homophobia that is a true sickness. Homosexuals are just like the rest of us, they are human beings with thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. Adam Lambert is in fact a beautiful, giving, caring person, who does not deserve your scorn and hatred for one bad performance. Why didn't you complain about the sexual content of the other performances on the show - they were just as sexual (or "vulgar", as you would say)? Seems you are only offended by the thought of gay sex, and that makes you a homophobe. Homophobia is WRONG. It is disgusting bigotry.


She called me a hypocrit. Thy who cast the first stone shall prepare to be pummeled. It's not about who we should cater to. It's about decency. Whose going to complain then? Everybody wins. Adam loses because he can't seperate his sexual sickness from reality.


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