Adam Lambert Cops to Past Drug Use, Curiosity About Women

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Adam Lambert is off to Great Britain.

The American Idol finalist is pretty much a stranger to that country, so News of the World - one of that nation's leading supermarket tabloids - interviewed Lambert the month before he makes his first overseas appearance there.

Describing him as "Lad Gaga" for his "outspoken attitudes" and "rauncy routines," the unreliable source spoke to the singer in NYC and asked him if he'd ever sleep with a woman.

"I find women beautiful and I have been known to make out with girls at parties, especially when there is alcohol involved," Adam said, days after his publicize kiss with Ke$ha. "I am a pretty open-minded person and I would have sex with a woman... anything is possible because I am really comfortable with sexuality generally."  

This isn't the first time Lambert has spoken about his curiosity over women. We could think of a few (million) fans that wouldn't mind showing Adam what he's been missing.

Delving into his adolescence, the tabloid also asked Lambert about influences such as Boy George and David Bowie. During this line of questioning, the singer's past drug use came out. He said:

"I went wild and I was experimenting with certain substances... At 26, I started running with hippies, going to underground events, I was really drawn to that crowd, everyone embraced each others differences.

There are certain drugs out there that are really fun and recreational and can mean a good time. I'm not an advocate for drugs, but it is all rock and roll and we are all adults."

More honesty from the star. Some might criticize him for this admission, others will simply admire him more.

Where do you stand?

P.S. For a look at a recent Lambert performance, acoustic style, see below.


Adam is such a refreshingly honest man. It is so rare these days. Everyone is worried about being so pc. Adam is very grounded. I'm sure he takes good care of his health. I believe his drug experimentation was quite a few years ago, and he isn't "experimenting" anymore. His stance on being open minded sexually, and not ruling out interactions with a woman, just shows how candid he is. Naturally, people will diss him for this. Some diss him for everything, because they don't like gay people. He will never please those folks. I find him inspirational.


This is to all you religious freaks. Bible says: Be kind, dont steal, dont rape, dont murder, dont hate, help when help is needed and the list goes on and on. You pretend to be religious but you are not following Gods steps: Instead of attacking Adam who is the nicest and the most genuine human being we've seen so far in the show business industry go visit local churches in your areas and protest against the priests who are raping young kids or better yet protest against those mormons in Texas and Oregon who are raping their own kids as young as 14 years old, having babies with babies, molesting and raping by 50 year olds, that is wrong and that's who you should go after if you want to serve God, by attacking Adam you are only making enemies for yourself because 99% of the people support him opposed to 1% of you haters who are going to burn in hell for being so hatefull towards an angel.

@ Sabrina

i hope they burn in hell to


I think this article is just a summation of previous quotes from Adam. The essence of it is that he is a living, breathing, sexual human being, and also open-minded enough to experience what comes his way in life. After all, he's an Aquari, and artistically gifted beyond human boundaries. What does it matter who he sleeps with? I like his androgeny - it doesn't play favorites, and keeps everyone happy (and hopeful!).




You religious zealots are disgusting and give religion a bad name. What you need is a heart, soul and brain transplant. You are perverted and need a lesson in humanity. If only the whole world was as honest, descent, and humane as Adam. God is the one who bestowed this great gift upon Adam and he is using it to entertain and make so many people in this world happy and loving life. What have you people done to bring happiness and love of life to anyone. No, you love to preach about sin and hatred. You are pitiful!!!


The most pathetic human being on the planet is one who takes large amounts of time (and it does often seem to be ridiculously large) following the doings of someone they intensely dislike. It must take a supreme loser to spend so much effort trying to make themselves feel superior to others. The bottom dwellers of the self-esteem pond have joined this discussion in an effort to be better than Adam Lambert and his fans, stating their opinions as facts because God knows they're on a Holy Crusade against a wicked, unrepentant homosexual. Of course the well-adjusted folks all know that normal people spend time on things that they actually like, or at least that matter, instead of drooling and foaming like rabid pit bulls about the latest doings of the latest controversial pop star. Forget these outdated, hypocritical homophobes, my friends. They are not worth your time, emotion, or effort.


Dang Cathy, what town do you live in with all that vice? Most people have lives that are far more mundane that all that off the chain sex you described.


Adam, just sing and keep yuor private life to yourself. Beyonce is at the top of her game because she separates the two beautifully.


That sounds like it came straight out of his rolling stone cover...


I'm a liberal older woman and I know more than my share probably. I know that a huge percentage of men in your neighborhood and churches and businesses are child molesters and screwing around on their wives again and again, getting it on the "down low", or dressing up in women's clothes. And what about the devoit Catholic priests and the Vatican debocles of late? There ARE NO appropriate men out there people. Sex is absolutely everwhere, and in every house. So Adam Lambert is young and 28 years old and living his life...the one that God Himself gave him. He's talented beyond belief (unless you've become deaf from your bigotry) and making some really good decisions and using his gifts. He's honest and open and sweet and kind and humble and minds his own business. Which one of us could be scrutinized to that point????? You nay-sayers and phobes need to reflect on yourselves a whole lot more. What are you doing with your life (out in the open or behind closed doors)???


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