Adam Lambert Cops to Past Drug Use, Curiosity About Women

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Adam Lambert is off to Great Britain.


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    I love his honesty. You can't dig dirt on Adam because he's laid it all out for you to see. I love how he walks down the street with his huge smile holding his boyfriend's hand. I love how he is joyful, happy, carefree and honest. I adore his look, his voice and his style.


    i meant too lol


    i love him!!!!


    I really hope Adam doesnt do drugs anymore. it would ruin his perfect voice. Even if he is a adult he still doesnt have to do them, but its his thought that counts for it. not ours. i will still love him if he goes to drugs bt it would be a diffrent kind of love.


    he isn't really saying that it is cool to do drugs u see he did it a 26 and he was old enough so technally kids would most likley think that if you are going to be at the age limit. and at least he was over the age limit to do drugs and he doesn't do drugs anymore so thats a good thing. i still look up to him all of his fans do look up to him. you know when you are in your 20's and you are not famous you might just go a head and do this stuff. it's like a thing when your 20 or something. but he doesn't do drugs anymore so kids will be like "well adam got off of drugs so i don't really have to do drugs, since he doesn't do drugs anymore." so he is good right now no worries here.


    C O E X I S T

    That is what he stands for. Look at all his different looks. View people with out labels. Try it. The attitude is liberating.

    47 yr mom here who has been there done that and turned out pretty darn good. Use each life experience to broaden and expand tolerance which opens the door for love. Adam is just a test button for many who need to make this leap!


    Well said Robert Weston.


    First I have to say, I hope Zep got paid LARGE royalties for that! It's not a bad rendition, but scary for a Led Zep purist. Also, a mother commented that she never smoked, whatever, & has a 4 yr old daughter. She says you cannot put your child in a bubble. Agreed. However, I would be damned before I even let someone in my home or be in the home of anyone who was using any kind of drugs. Period. Not cool.
    Yes, I have a 2 yr old.


    I think that Adam is a very handsome man, and has a wonderful voice, but I do wish that he would go with girls and I don't think he is a good role model for our children of today.
    It sounds like he thinks there is nothing wrong with expieriencing with drugs, and that is how these younger children get hooked on drugs.
    Drugs, alcohol and gangs, are what is wrong with this country today. I think he was honest, but many younger kids look up to him and now they will think it is somehow cool to use drugs!!!


    @Sabrina - Perfectly stated. Thank you for such clarity!

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