Academy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Kristen Stewart vs. Miley Cyrus

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At last night's Academy Awards, Miley Cyrus made bigger news than Sandra Bullock.

The latter won Best Actress, but the former admitted she was dating Liam Hemsworth. Asked whether she was the Australian actor's girlfriend, Miley said "yes." Asked if she was in love, Cyrus replied "maybe."

It was a big evening for the young singer/actress, as she then appeared on stage (admittedly nervous) and handed out the award for Best Original Song.

But can Miley herself take home the trophy for Best Looking Young Celebrity at the event? She's matched up against Kristen Stewart in this showdown, as the Twilight Saga star appeared alongside Taylor Lautner and introduced a montage of horror movie clips to the audience.

Compare, contrast and vote below...

Miley at the Oscars

Who looked best at the Oscars?


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I love Kristen Stewart..She looks freakin gorgeous..for me She is one of the best and beautiful faces of hollywood..I like her acting..
Miley is cool...she is pretty,but I really dont like her..I dont know why..( I guess beacuse of her new music video "Cant be tamed" I started hating her when I saw that video. Little girls love her..But her moves and look is like a 20 years old teen girl) But I love her songs...


i cant believe kristen actually as anice dress and nice hair!!
not meaning to be rude, but it makes it soo much harder to choose!!
still miley though! she looks gorgeous :)


Miley looking better than Kristen!Much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she looks cool... im talkin bout miley!


Personally I think Miley looks great even tho i don't like her.. She smiles and looks beautiful.
Kristens gown is pretty but will never justify her frumpy pouty selfless self-she has that constant"attitude" and non caring look..
Is she ever grateful for anything in life? Rob needs to leave her ass, she only "DRAGS" him down and he is soo much better than that!


This was hard to choose because they both look beautiful.Miley wins only by a tiny bit. Kristen looks like a mysterious princess of the night (in a good way) and Miley looks like a radiant, youthful princess of the day. It's like Kristen is Nyx (the Greek night goddess) and Miley is Selene (the Greek moon goddess), not to be overly dramatic. Well done.


They both look absolutely DISGUSTING..What's up with miley's hair?! it's all frizzy..and kristen looks like she has no idea what's going on.. love,
??? ^-^


I can't believe Kristen is winning. Miley clearly looks best.


I think they both look beautiful!! and why is everyone saying bad things about Miley here?? You havent even met her before! You cant judge a book by its cover!! She is 17 years old!! she is almost a adult! She cant be Hannah Montana her whole life! She has to grow! And you have to let her!! She is a very talented beautiful person! Alot of the times the tabloids arnt even true! They just mix everything up to make it more interesting so people will buy them!!! Go Miley!! You deserve that award!!! :)


its pretty obvious that kristen looks thee BEST! it really suits her and miley just looks like a sket like always but kristen looks awesome and has a awesome boyfriend robert...
anywayss byeee XxX

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