Academy Awards Fashion Face-Off: George Clooney vs. Saddam Hussein

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George Clooney was shut out at the Academy Awards last night, as he lost to Jeff Bridges for Best Actor and Up in the Air was defeated by The Hurt Locker in the Best Picture category.

But it's been an even worse run lately for Saddam Hussein. The former dictator of Iraq was ousted from power in April 2003 and killed by his former country in December 2006.

Still, somehow, Saddam showed up at the Oscars and... sorry. We're being told the gentleman posing alongside Clooney below is actually actor Antonio Banderas, not Saddam Hussein.

Our mistake.

Dapper George
Antonio Banderas Picture

[Photos: Splash News]

Who looked more handsome on the red carpet?


Clooney needs to cut his hair short again. This looks like he is trying to be young so hard. He is sexy still .. but come on.


George always has "the look" at these awards.He not only looks dapper,but playful as well.
Antonio has long been a romantic presence.Pictured, beside George he looks "down and out", and out of place.


@jessica: Lighten up. He looks JUST like him!
If you don't have a sense of humor, and somehow think we're comparing anything about Banderas to Hussein aside from his appearance, well... that sucks for you.


that is sooo cruel!it's not even funny,comparing Banderas to Hussein

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